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Jun 5

Meet the Designer: Jessie Miller

HGTV Star Jessie Miller

It’s time to meet another HGTV Star contestant before the season 8 premiere this Sunday, June 9Jessie Miller, a self-proclaimed fashion-forward woman from a small midwest town, was a successful real estate project manager who dived into interior design full-time only two years ago.

What’s the number one mistake people make when designing their home?

They don’t start with a clean palette. I feel that most of my clients have great things but they have too much of it; it doesn’t go together, they don’t know how to style it properly, they don’t know what to do with it. I think that people need to clear everything out. People accessorize too much without a main focal point.

If you had $100 to refresh your decor in any way, what would you do?

First, dimmers on the lights because lighting changes the mood more than anything else. Overhead lighting isn’t good for anybody, so you can get a $10 dimmer. If I can put a dimmer on, you can put a dimmer on; it’s very easy, so that way you can set the tempo of your mood.

I feel that one-of-a-kind pieces are what make a room unique, and in St. Louis we don’t have a lot of high-end shopping options, but we have the hook-up on thrift stores. So that, to me, is where I’d spend my money.

What color do you dislike the most?

I can’t say that there’s one color that really offends me, because I think that there’s an application for anything. I like a sophisticated look; I like a sexy, luxurious feel for my space, so I don’t like really, really bright colors. I don’t like things that read juvenile or tropical. I think that any color has potential, it’s just that when competing colors are not paired properly in a space that’s maybe too small to pull it off or not bright enough to pull it off, it can read very amateur and pedestrian to me.

Jessie Miller Designs

One of Jessie’s modern living room designs

More about Jessie: Read her HGTV Star biobrowse her design portfolio and vote her your fan favorite.

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