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Jun 5

Meet the Designer: Tiffany Brooks

HGTV Star Tiffany Brooks

With only days left until the season 8 premiere, we’re introducing you to all 10 designers/contestants on this year’s HGTV Star.

Next up, Tiffany Brooks! This mom of one and owner of a residential interior design business favors traditional spaces with an out-of-the-box twist. We asked Tiffany to vote “Yes” or “No for controversial and trendy design topics.

It’s a design lightning round! Yes or No…

Pets on the bed: Ew, no.

Neon: It depends on if a beer is next to it or not.

All-white interiors: At Diddy’s house.

Wall decals: For people 6 and under.

Owls and birds in decor: Yes! From Jonathan Adler. That’s it though. He’s the only one who can do it right.

Denim: On top of denim, on top of denim, on top of denim.

Decorative skulls: NO. Maybe in October but that’s it.

Chevron:  Oh I LOVE it. It’s funky.

Taxidermy: It’s making a comeback! I kinda love it.

Lucite furniture:  Definitely yes.

Fake flowers: No! I’ll throw up in my mouth twice. Don’t do that.

Ceiling fans: No, never.

Pot racks: No! Nobody wants to see that stuff hanging in your kitchen. Put ‘em away.

Karate-chopped pillows: I’m so guilty of that but I know I shouldn’t do  it. So no: Don’t karate chop your pillows.

Seasonal flags: No. And I live in a town and my neighbors are so guilty of that. One night, I’m just going to run around and snatch them all down, one by one.

Faux finishes: No, nothing fake. Keep it real.

Midcentury furniture: Oh, gosh yes.

Tiffany Brooks' HGTV Star Design Portfolio

One of Tiffany’s favorite spaces; it uses a mix of high, low, modern and traditional pieces

More about Tiffany: Read her HGTV Star biobrowse her design portfolio and vote her your fan favorite.

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