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Jun 8

Meet the Designer: Anne Rue

HGTV Star Anne Rue

With only one day left (!!) until the season 8 premiere, we’re introducing you to all 10 designers/contestants on this year’s HGTV Star.

Meet Anne Rue, a mother of three and owner of a high-end interior design business. Whether in her home’s ever-changing design scheme or her rotating bright hair color choices, Anne isn’t afraid to take risks.

 You originally studied fashion design. How did you make it into the interior design world?

Whether you’re talking about fashion or interior design, it’s color, it’s scale, it’s visualizations, so I kind of realized that I could marry the two. Some people can open their mouth and sing. I can’t do that. I’m completely tone deaf. But I can look at a room, and I can space plan it like that. I can visualize how it’s going to be finished before anything starts. The inspirational moment is like a drug, it’s like a high, it’s like “Wow, this really came into my head just like that. It’s a gift. It makes you feel so good, it really does.”

Are you an obsessive housekeeper, or do your client’s spaces get top priority?

My home is very organized, I’m extremely type A, so I like things to be exactly where they’re supposed to be. And it’s one of those things like, you have to be extremely organized to get the kids picked up on time, get them to basketball, get dinner ready, get to the grocery store, whatever needs to be done. Plus, I run my own business, so it’s mayhem all the time.

Who are your design idols?

Coco Chanel and Dorothy Draper are my two idols. They’re strong women, they’re classy women, they made a statement to do their art and be themselves, and they were hugely successful at it.

Anne Rue's HGTV Star Design Portfolio

A luxurious bedroom from Anne Rue’s design portfolio

More about Anne: Read her HGTV Star biobrowse her design portfolio and vote her your fan favorite.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, Sunday, June 9 at 8/7c for the premiere of HGTV Star!

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