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Jun 11

Ask the Producer: HGTV Star Premiere

Each week, I chat with HGTV Star producer Loren Ruch about your most-asked questions on the blog, Facebook and Twitter and also his favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the set. This week: Why the name change, anyway? Plus, his favorite challenge from this season of HGTV Star.

HGTV Star Judges With Producer Loren Ruch

HGTV Star Judges With Producer Loren Ruch

Fans are wondering: Why the name change from Design Star to HGTV Star? 
Great question!  Over the past few seasons we realized that we wanted to open up our casting to creative people from all walks of life — not exclusively designers (although designers are always welcome too!), so this season we have designers, decorators, hands-on renovators, artists, professors and more. It’s a really fun group!

Many of the fans are upset that Tobin was the first to go. What do you think was the deciding factor in their choice?
It was a really tough evaluation, and ultimately I think that the panel let Tobin go because he didn’t have a clear vision for his vignette. Cris’s room was a flop, but she ‘knew’ what was wrong with it. Tobin didn’t have as clear of a perspective on what didn’t work about his space. That said, I wish Tobin could have lasted longer, because he has some amazing hands-on skills, and impressive designs in his portfolio.

HGTV Star Judges With Producer Loren Ruch

HGTV Star Judges and Host David Bromstad With Producer Loren Ruch

It’s great to see Sabrina Soto on the judging panel of HGTV Star! How did you decide to add her to the show? 
At HGTV, we thought Sabrina would be a natural addition to this show. With her great sense of humor, amazing design credentials and ability to make beautiful rooms from all different price points (high and low) it seemed like she would be a perfect fit!

Can you give us any hints about new challenges we’ll see later this season?
I would be happy to!  My very favorite episode of the entire season is our ‘school bus’ episode — you will be blown away by the ways our designers convert old school buses into hip habitats!

Have a question for Loren? Ask away in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

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