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Jun 18

Jessie’s Goodbye: “It’s Only Going to Make Me Stronger”

HGTV Star Episode Two Jessie Miller

For the second challenge, the designers teamed up to take on the redesign of an already gorgeous industrial loft. Boris, Jessie and Abby were tasked with the largest chunk of space: the kitchen, dining room and foyer area. Each designer claimed a room which seemed logical at first but quickly became overwhelming.

Jessie decided to jump on the loft’s mostly-furnished kitchen to showcase her styling skills to the judges. Unfortunately, her styling decisions led to her elimination. “I think she just showed us her weak side,” Vern says.

See what Jessie has to say about going home, plus hear the judges’ take on their decision.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision to eliminate Jessie, or do you think it should have been someone else? Let us know in the comments below.

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