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Jul 9

Boris’ Goodbye: “It’s Not the End of the World…”

HGTV Star Episode Five Elimination

Oh, Boris. If you’re ever paired up with him, you’ll never wonder what he thinks about you. During Sunday’s sorority/fraternity throwdown, he was pretty vocal about his plans for the space … and his thoughts about working with Jeribai. And does anyone remember the time he took credit for choosing the bookcase in the apartment challenge (when Abby’s the one that really found and styled the piece)? Boris may not be the best team player, but that’s all part of the Star challenge.

Boris’ final words: “I think there’s much more to life than just working, but I’m lucky that my work is actually something that I enjoy.”

Hear what Boris has to say about being eliminated so close to the end, plus find out what the judges and David really thought about his final design decisions.

Do you agree with Boris’ elimination? Let us know in the comments below.

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