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Jul 15

Episode Six Behind-the-Scenes Dish

HGTV Star Behind-the-Scenes Dish Episode 6

We have school buses! Could it be any weirder?” Probably not, David. And the best part? The designers were given the ultimate creative freedom to do whatever they wanted. Hence the unique time traveler’s space lounge by Brooks and the Alice in Wonderland-themed bus by Tiffany. You would think this quirky challenge would be a breeze for some, but even Brooks admitted the limitless options were a bit overwhelming.

Hear David and the judges’ very candid views on last night’s bus designs and live audience camera challenges. (Even David admits he struggled with his camera challenge during season one.)

Sabrina is keeping the finale under wraps, but what are your predictions for the final challenge? The winner? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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