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Jul 17

Behind the Scenes: The Camera Challenges

If you’re a seasoned HGTV Star fan, you know that a camera can change everything. Even the most colorful personality can become washed out when it’s Camera Challenge time. I don’t envy the contestants one bit, and even our seasoned judges admit that learning to love the camera is a process. “I faked it, but I was so scared.” David says of his early Color Splash days.

HGTV Star Contestant Jeribai Tascoe

Jeribai Smiles for the Camera

“Whoever says they were fantastic the first time they were on TV is a liar,” jokes The High/Low Project host and HGTV Star judge Sabrina Soto. See more of their off-the-cuff comments after the jump + weigh in: Which finalist do you think is best on camera?

Now, discuss! Which finalist do you think is best on camera: Jeribai, Tiffany or Brooks?

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