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Jul 21

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 1 Scorecard

Oh, the Property Brothers: How can you choose just one? I mean, Jonathan wields a sledgehammer and is comfortable with some pretty hefty power tools, and Drew can negotiate like nobody’s business and talk homebuyers off a ledge…all wearing a suit and tie.  I might not be able to choose a brother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t choose a side in our newest competition show, Brother Vs. Brother.  So, is this BvB blogger #TeamJonathan or #TeamDrew? Here’s my premiere scorecard for both teams, plus the best, the worst, and the crazy from tonight’s show.

Drew and Jonathan Scott of Brother Vs. Brother

Biggest Foot-In-Mouth Moment: Brett
In the first challenge of the competition, both teams attempted to estimate the value of a home in Northridge, Calif. The winning team got first dibs on the property of their choice. L.A.-based real estate agent and Team Drew contestant Brett Karns should totally have this, right? “This is when my ego steps in because I’m a real estate expert. This is what I do for a living,” Brett said.

Teams Estimate Value

Except, not this time: Team Jonathan came just $2,000 closer to estimating the property’s $340,000 appraised value. Brett’s take on the loss: “I’m absolutely dying right now. It’s an ego check, and it’s humbling, too.” Ouch, Brett. Who calls this one for Team Jonathan? What, everyone? Yep. Team Jonathan, 1; Brett’s Ego, O.

Contestants At Appraisal
Biggest Personality: Francis
Oh, Francis. This former dancer, current contractor/designer and #TeamJonathan contestant is full of personality. And dance moves. And push-ups. “I was born and raised in Athens, and Greeks are very passionate people. Definitely drama…it’s my character and style,” Francis says of his loud and dramatic nature. So, is Francis the team’s X factor or its kryptonite? It’s too soon to tell, but one thing’s for sure: he’s definitely fun to watch. So, +1 to Team Jonathan.

Team Jonathan Planning

Best Team Player: David
Back over on Team Drew, interior designer Monica decided to take on the living room, including a tile job on the fireplace. A great idea! One problem: She doesn’t know how to tile.  “I’ve overseen my contractors doing it many, many times, but I don’t know what I’m doing,” Monica says. Cue landscape architect David, who patiently shows Monica the ropes.

Teamwork Tile

As the team’s resident tile expert, he also installed the tub surround in Brett’s made-over bathroom — a last-minute addition that added lots of value to the room. Teamwork, FTW!

Brett Bathroom Tile

Best Solo Project: Torche
Teamwork is great, but in the end, it’s an individual competition. On Jonathan’s team, metal artist Torche did some an impressive solo makeover on their home’s bathroom. She took a dated vanity and cramped layout…

Torche Working - Team Jonathan

…and turned it into a sleek, modern space complete with a new floating vanity and stainless-steel drawer fronts. A vast improvement — and a huge asset for Jonathan’s crew.

Best Value-Adding Makeover: Oliver
“This kitchen is the key to winning this challenge,” interior designer, architect and Team Drew contestant Oliver said when he decided to take on this space. Before, it was dated, disorganized and just…sad. After investing $7,188 into the space, guest judge and real estate expert Mike Aubrey estimated it added $28,000 of value to the home, not to mention lots of extra closed storage, new hardwood floors and a sleek gray paint color.  Oliver may looks sweet, but he’s definitely a fierce competitor.

Kitchen Before and After

Best Room Detail: Francis
Team Drew’s kitchen might have been the best overall, but the tile backsplash in Team Jonathan’s kitchen was its best feature. After a momentary freak-out (It has to be done 24 hours from right now?!), Francis pulled the tile work off with skill.  “The tile backsplash is phenomenal,” said guest judge Mike Aubrey. The paint color is another story.

Brother Vs Brother Kitchen
Worst Paint Color: Christy
Speaking of paint colors…I know Francis’ kitchen choice made a highlighter look like a neutral. Most people aren’t looking for a day-glow kitchen, but isn’t a room painted with hospital green just as bad? Home organizer Christy chose this sickly shade for the bedroom in Team Drew’s house. Awful, no?

Teams Estimate Value
Week 1 Winner: Team Drew
Despite some early missteps, Team Drew took home the first win, adding more than $50,000 in value to their home. Congratulations, team! Brett’s ego is restored.

Team Drew Win
Goodbye, Shannon
That meant Jonathan had to say goodbye to his first teammate. That person was Shannon, an interior decorator who was too focused on textiles and carpet tiles to get much accomplished on the renovation front. Check back tomorrow for more before-and-afters, plus exclusive from-the-set videos.

The Brothers With Shannon

Now, weigh in on your bests and worsts from episode one. Are you sad to see Shannon go? Which team are you rooting for? Discuss in the comments below.

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  1. Really enjoyed watching the show, but wondered where this real estate is located?

    Laurie on December 28, 2013 at 3:35 pm