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Jul 23

Brooks’ Goodbye: “I Did Exactly What I Wanted to Do”

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood

From the very first challenge we all knew Brooks was going to bring some “unexpected flair” to his designs each week. This industrial design professor, trained architect and product designer is new to the world of interior design, but that didn’t stop him from creating some of the top spaces of the season. Brooks wowed the judges with his first vignette using a mix of vintage items in a contemporary way. This includes lots of taxidermy and pink wallpaper, a risk the panel loved. Then in week two, he created a crazy chandelier using audio cables. Each week, he brought a space that was very “Brooks.” His approach to design is what landed him in the top two with Tiffany and Jeribai.

“Brooks’ design brilliance is so refreshing and unfiltered, where you cant’ really tame the artist and you don’t really want to,” judge Genevieve Gorder says.

Hear what Brooks has to say about his HGTV Star experience, making it to the finale and his thoughts behind the hotel suite design. Plus, find out what the judges, David and Brooks’ fellow competitors think about his design style.

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