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Jul 23

The First Elimination: Goodbye, Shannon!

Brother Vs Brother Shannon Thompson

Jonathan, Shannon and Drew after the first elimination on Brother Vs. Brother.

Team Jonathan‘s real estate expert and designer, Shannon, was only a few days in before she was told her time on Brother Vs. Brother was over. During the first challenge, Shannon remodeled the home’s master bedroom and sunroom, both of which failed to bring much additional value in the end. According to her mentor, Jonathan, she spent too much time choosing textiles and colors and not enough time working on value-add projects.

“Two things Shannon could have done to ensure she would have stayed in the competition would be, one: You have to be able to make decisions on the fly. You can’t take forever, especially under these timelines. And two, I would say, really, if you’re going to take on a job, make sure you know what you’re doing,” Jonathan said.

Shannon definitely realizes what went wrong in the first challenge and says that next time around, “I may be a little more cut-throat.” Whew.

Watch her exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview:

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