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Jul 25

Episode One: Best Fan Comments + Memes

You all had us cracking up over here with your memes, tweets and Facebook comments for the Brother Vs. Brother premiere. From what I can tell, it seems most of you had (or are still having) a difficult time choosing a side. I know, I know … both brothers are pretty amazing. We loved all your social interaction so much, that we’re going to feature our favorites each week on the blog. And have you tried out the IntoNow app? You can get exclusive Brother Vs. Brother content while watching the show. You’ll get everything from insider videos and show trivia to sneak peek images, plus a tool that allows you to make fun Capits (below) that you can share with your friends. Download the IntoNow app now!

Capits From the IntoNow App

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit


“Watching #BrovsBro – how do I choose??? I love them both!! #torn #crazy” — @dpbam70

“The first episode of #brovsbro is almost over and I still can’t decide if I’m more in love with @MrSilverScott or @MrDrewScott!!!!!” — @MichelleBelle4

“What shade of green is THAT? #BroVsBro” — @RJOuttaSoCal

“My favorite part of #BROVSBRO is when @MrSilverScott bursts through the wall with his hair blowing majestically in the wind #teamjonathan” — @sydklandd

“#TeamJonathan- Quote of the night from my 10 yr old – how did Torche’s parents know she was going to be a welder when she was born?” — @beckeye829

“#BROVSBRO Loved it! We are a house divided now hubby and son are rooting for you #TeamJonathan, while us girls are rooting for you #TeamDrew” — @KQuaderer

“#TeamDrew or #TeamJonathan I can’t chose why would you do that to me @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott” — @BlaqJacque1991

“How the heck are you supposed to pick between two hot identical twin brothers lol that’s just not fair!! #TeamDrew #TeamJonathan” — @AlYsSa_M90

Celeb + Bro Tweets

“My friend @BrettKarns’ show, Brother Vs Brother, airs TONIGHT on HGTV at 10pm! Please, please, please watch & vote for #TeamDrew! #BrovsBro!” — @MollyBSims

“Don’t miss Property Brothers @MrSilverScott & @MrDrewScott in the #BrotherVsBrother premiere Sunday @ 10/9c @HGTV” — @bexmader

“Getting close! Remember#TeamJonathan voters get endless back massages and compliments!” — @MrSilverScott

“The Royal Baby news is great, but in other baby news…see Drew cry like one tonight on Brother VS Brother premiering on @w_network #BigBaby” - @MrSilverScott

“@MrDrewScott YOU are my favorite brother!!!” – @kirstiealley

The competition is just getting started. Root for your favorite team!

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  1. Dear Drew & Scott,
    So, this is my story. My husband and I are in our early 50's and are finally able to buy a house. He is back from his second tour overseas with the US Army. To Iraq in 2004-2005 and this time to Afghanistan. We are eligible for a VA loan, but do have a substantial down payment. He is also a Fire Marshall with the FDNY. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 and am now unable to help with any renovations to a home. We did find a place that could work for us but it needs some renovations as it is a little small but very affordable. Can you help us? We're very nice people. Thanks

    Barbara Ravert on March 31, 2014 at 1:43 pm
  2. I have been an hgtv for years but I would just like to say how much I miss design on a dime and design to sell. Those were great show and practical ideas for most of us. I do like property brothers and chip and joanna gaines, fixer upper, but if i watch another love or list it, i will be sick. Please reconsider bringing back design on a dime. Thanks, stillan avid fan.

    Deb on February 1, 2015 at 12:08 am
  3. Watching BUYING AND SELLING with the twins…multi-generations in one house, parents with children looking for a home , table setting shown how by twin for staging in show room was set incorrectly… oops!

    ggw on April 11, 2015 at 9:49 am
  4. I love all of the remodeling shows but my kitchen cabinets are falling apart and watch you demolish cabinets that may be useful to someone else.

    Rita Thomas on February 20, 2016 at 6:38 pm
    • Well spoken.

      peter on May 16, 2016 at 6:25 pm
  5. Really inspiring what they do. Check out my blog for some of the stuff I've done since watching their show. I'd appreciate any feedback. http://lifeslittlelemons.simplesite.com/428383915

    Seana on June 5, 2016 at 9:38 am