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Jul 31

Episode Two: Best Fan Comments + Memes

Sunday’s big design controversy was, mostly, the avocado-hued fireplace chosen by Brett from Team Drew. It’s all good, Brett. You made it through the elimination, and I have faith you’ll make it up in this week’s challenge. But, Brother Vs. Brother fans and even the contestants themselves had lots to say on Twitter, Pinterest and IntoNow, the second-screen app, about this design decision.

Our Fave IntoNow Capits + GIFs

Brother Vs Brother Drew Scott

We agree, Drew. We agree.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 2

Brother Vs Brother Oliver

Ollie’s reaction to avocado?

Brother Vs Brother Brett

I should have gone with a neutral. SMH.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 2

Twitter Talk

“At home watching with guacamole and chips…and a few margaritas. #loveavocado #teamdrew #brovsbro” — @brettkarns

“Oh my goodness! So excited to see what happens with Mr#peelandstick himself and #TeamDrew.” — @actingthepart 

“I make a mean guac too!” — @GreekAndHandy

“Phew, close one! I live to see another week & another reno Till next Sunday! Now, off to make some guacamole with my “avocados” #teamdrew” — @brettkarns

“OMG. Avocado. No. #BroVsBro #TeamJonathan” — @jaeayeti

“I like the fireplace. I’m an avocado fan. #BroVsBro” — @PassAGrilleBch

#TeamJonathan got lucky. It was close. I didn’t think the fireplace was so bad, it really tied in nicely, the beige killed it #TeamDrew #FTW” — @Melissa_Bosquez

Pinterest Chatter

“70′s time warp! Avocados are for eating, not smearing on your wall.” — Melissa Puchak

“Just not the RIGHT green … could have been really cool!” — Patti Huchinson

“I for one, LOVED it! I love anything in greens and thought with the aqua colors in the room, it looked great!” — Sarah Jones

“Seemed like it went well with the kitchen backsplash. I think it would have worked with white walls and a black mantle and hearth.” — Rene Arus

There has been a lot of food talk going on. Hungry? (I know this has nothing to do with remodeling, but c’est la vie.) Check out these yummy recipes for avocado fries and guacamole dip. Brett, those are just for you.

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