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Aug 6

Double Elimination: Team Drew Sends Christy Home

Brother Vs Brother Christy

At the beginning of the third challenge, Drew announced that this renovation was not only going to be four days long but that one member from each team would be eliminated after two days. Jaws dropped.

Team Drew Before Challenge

The competition got tough and tensions rose. Team Drew (specifically Christy) had some serious budgetary problems. Brett’s kitchen needed brand-new appliances, but Christy really needed a stackable washer/dryer unit in the laundry room. Monica couldn’t/wouldn’t budge with the budget, leaving Christy at a laundry room standstill.

Brother Vs Brother Christy

Drew’s day two check-in was a little awkward. Most of the other rooms were at least painted or … something, but the laundry room was a blank slate. “Drew was on my side about the stackables. That’s what really killed me is that I was like, ‘But my design was perfect!’ But ultimately, he wasn’t seeing the design come together, so that was incredibly frustrating,” Christy says.

Watch Christy’s post-elimination interview, plus hear what Drew has to say about his decision.

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