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Aug 11

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 4 Scorecard

Let’s talk Brother Vs. Brother episode four.  When we left the contestants in episode three, they were halfway through a four-day remodel and each team was down a player. (Aww, no more Inez or Christy.) That leaves us with six players left to finish eight contestants’ work.

Brother Vs. Brother Teams Episode 4

Team Drew is tackling the living room, laundry room and kitchen of their home, while Team Jonathan is focused on the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Team Jonathan’s Biggest Dilemma: Countertops!

With his abstract paintings done and Inez gone, Francis decided to take over the kitchen’s design. Just one problem…

No Countertops!
That’s right, Inez left the team without budget to buy value-adding stone countertops. Her plan? Concrete. Francis’ new plan? Butcher block.  Mark voiced his concern that the kitchen had “too many types of wood.” Despite their happy faces here, things weren’t pretty on the homefront at Team Jonathan. At one point, neither Torche or Francis was on speaking terms with Mark.  In other words, things got kinda awkward over there.

Francis and Mark in Kitchen - Brother Vs. Brother
Still, they managed to finish the kitchen in time. When Love It or List It hosts Hilary and David did their appraisal, what was their critique? Too many different wood tones. Even though you’re what seems like the world’s slowest floor installer, Mark, you clearly know a thing or two about property value.

Team Jonathan Kitchen - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV
Most Controversial Element: Torche’s Burnt Wood Fireplace

When Torche wasn’t busy installing Mark’s hardwood floors, she also tackled this fireplace feature. Because she wanted to show off her design style, and she likes to, you know, wield torches, she added slightly-charred reclaimed wood all the way to the ceiling.

Team Jonathan Fireplace - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV
Hilary and David weren’t impressed, saying it didn’t add value or style. I don’t know, though…I liked that the feature wall called attention to the super-high ceiling.

Love It or List It's Hilary and David on Set
Here’s the finished dining room:

Brother Vs. Brother Team Jonathan
Okay, those paintings aren’t adding value. But, I still loved them. And what about that light fixture? Well done. I will take two.

This Week’s Tile Drama: Brett

In what has been a recurring theme, this episode brought us yet another person trying to figure out how to tile a backsplash. David was like, “Am I the only one who was ever done this?” Anyone? Bueller?

(Hey future Brother contestants: Learn how to install a backsplash here.)

Brett Painting
This week, it was Brett, who took on the kitchen. But even though the tile wasn’t this room’s best feature, it was still an amazing kitchen makeover. So much better than the ’80s tile!

Brother Vs. Brother
David worked on the home’s living room, adding value-enhancing details like the room’s faux panels, crown molding and fireplace details. The darker color inside the panels really draws the eye to the new details.

Team Drew Living Room - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV
Team Drew was down to the wire, but in the end, they finished. It’s okay, Drew. You can breathe now.

Drew's Face After Challenge 4 Finish
Their hard work paid off; the team added just $5,000 more in value to their home than Team Jonathan, making them this week’s winner.

Team Drew Shot
That means Team Jonathan, sadly, has to lose a member of their squad.

Team Jonathan
Poor Francis. Jonathan questioned his time management and decision to paint the abstract painting. And he wasn’t a fan of the wood-overload kitchen, either.
Team Jonathan Elimination
In the end, this dancer/designer/personality powerhouse was the one to go.  Goodbye, Francis! I’ll miss your dance moves, crazy outfits and yes, even your paint color picks.

Team Jonathan Elimination

What do you think? Did the right team win? Did the right person go home? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I wish my 100 + year old home could be a "Brother Vs. Brother" episode? They are always right! I would let them do whatever they thought was right. I watch your show all the time just to get tips for remodeling. I love it! Anyway, my house is very "outdated" and needs lots of TLC.
    Thank you so much.

    Georgia Luster on January 30, 2014 at 1:38 pm
  2. Help.,I have a 70s condo that I am trying update…don't have a lot of money..what can I do with s mirrored diningroom…just finished repainting almost spinoffs the rooms…need a new shower and shower doors but cant afford it an estimate of 6000..or new toilet and shower Guggenheim affording now and the sinks outsideofthe bathroom..any suggestions…would appreciate Snyder suggestions since I just recalled the shower and it leading my bedroom..tHanxiety….desperate kk.

    karen on April 23, 2014 at 5:13 pm
  3. There was an episode on property brothers that had a fire pit made out of concrete blocks that had seats made on the inside that the brothers sat on towards the end. Please let me know which episode it was!!

    Alan on June 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm