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Aug 16

Francis’ Top 10 Brother Vs. Brother Moments

Love him or hate him, you’ve gotta admit: Francis was fun to watch. He may be gone, but his dance moves, outbursts and spontaneous hugs will live on. Here are 10 reasons we’re glad Francis was part of the Brother Vs. Brother cast.

Francis At Elimination

1.)  He enunciates his words.

Brother Vs Brother Contestant Francis: No Countertops?!
2.)  He wears his heart on his sleeve…

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis at Elimination

3.) …and never hides how he really feels. Team Drew wins again!?

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis

4.) He knows how to work and have fun. I thought only people in stock photography had this much fun while painting. I was so, so wrong.
Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis
5.) He’s not afraid to show affection. After days spent on one hardwood floor, Mark obviously needed a hug.

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis
6.) He’s got the confidence of two men. And the swagger to prove it.

Brother VS. Brother Contestant Francis
7.) He’s got some killer dance moves. They help him pick paint colors.

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis
8. He loves sponges? Can’t. Stop. Watching.

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis
9. He helps Jonathan keep clean. Francis to Jonathan: “Don’t dirt your shirt!”

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Francis
10. He even waves goodbye in style. Toodle-oo, Francis!

Brother Vs. Brother Contestants Francis and Mark
See more of Francis in his behind-the-scenes video and his tell-all exit interview. What were your favorite Francis moments on Brother Vs. Brother? Weigh in in the comments below.

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