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Aug 18

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 5 Scorecard

It’s week five of Brother Vs. Brother, and that means there’s just one week left before the very first series champion is crowned. With Team Jonathan one man down, they had to fight even harder this week to stay in the game.

Jonathan and Drew Joking
On the set, things are getting a little bit heated…both between the teams and the brothers.

Don't Choke, Bro - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

Find out this episode’s highs and lows. Plus, did Team Jonathan even the score, or did they lose another teammate? Read on to find out.

More Tile Drama on Team Drew

Do I have deja vu? Last week, Brett struggled to figure out how to tile. This week, as his team tackled their home’s unfinished bathroom, he struggled to tile…again.

Brett Works on Bathroom Tile

The team’s resident construction expert, David, was not on board with the tile choice, since it would be difficult to install. But hard-headed teammates Brett and Monica weren’t really budging on their choice.


Luckily, David wins this week’s “Best Team Player” award. Again. Let’s be serious, he wins it every week. With help from Brett and even Drew, he installed the mosaic glass tiles. He’s only crying on the inside.

David Tiles in Bathroom

Even with Drew’s help, the team barely finished the bathroom. And Drew himself wasn’t happy with some of room’s finish work. His face kind of says it all.

Drew in Bathroom

Here’s the team’s finished bathroom. Even with a few finish-work slip-ups, they added $15,000 in value after spending $7234, including $1,800 on the controversial shower tile and $1,200 on the floor tiles. I do love how the large floor tiles give this room a modern vibe.

Team Drew Bathroom
Monica tackled the home’s bedroom, which guest appraiser Kennon Earl from Selling LA deemed the home’s most impressive space. That’s right, Monica!
Monica Works on Bedroom
After an early paint-color snafu, a blue-gray color made this space look soothing, relaxing and remarkably high-end. Here’s the finished room — what do you think? She spent $6,995 on wood flooring, paint and furniture, and added $12,500 in value.

Team Jonathan: Achoo!

As if having one teammate fewer wasn’t difficult enough, Torche was also hit with a nasty flu bug.  Even though our resident metal artist tried to power through, that left Mark doing more than he’d planned.  Or, trying to, at least.  When time was called, the bathroom shower tile was unfinished and the floor tile was just sitting in place.

If they’d finished, this room might have put Team Jonathan over the top; with it unfinished, the $10,783 they spent only added $4,100 in value.  Torche was pretty blunt about it: “Not having this finished means losing. And losing means someone’s going home,” Torche says.

Here’s what the room looked like after Jonathan’s team finished the installation:

Jonathan Bathroom After
I love the way the shower alcove turned out, and Torche found the perfect dresser to create a one-of-a kind vanity.  I also loved her high-end close installation, and it was so much better than Monica’s value-losing version in the Team Jonathan house. Torche spent $1,854 on the closet space and added $4,900 in value. Not bad for a sick day!

Team Jonathan After Bathroom
In the end, though, Torche was right. Not being finished took the team’s only two members to the chopping block, and it wasn’t pretty. Mark said that his projects had added the most value throughout the competition, a claim that Torche wasn’t too fond of:

Team Jonathan Elimination
In a move that surprised even still-sick Torche, Jonathan gave Mark the boot. Why? He was too much of a perfectionist, and had trouble finishing his work in the timeline given. Don’t cry, Mark: Your tile alcove was completed.

Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Mark - Dust in Eye

What do you think? Was Mark the right person to send home? Did Torche deserve to stay? Which was the best makeover? Leave a comment below to weigh in.

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