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Aug 28

Torche’s Goodbye: “I Hope America Loves Me and Wants More, Because I Got More.”

Oh, Torche.  She was a strong competitor all through the competition. “She has proven herself again and again,” Jonathan says. Even Drew admitted she had the best creative mind of any cast member.  But even though she and Monica gave the final challenge their all, their appraised value fell just short of Team Drew’s total.

Brother Vs Brother Torche Perkins

“I wanted to win. I feel like we made the smartest choices possible,” Torche says. “I wanted to get a pony in there, for the reveal.”

Despite her “edgy” exterior, Torche stole many viewers’ hearts with her fun-loving demeanor, formidable construction skills and sheer will to win. But don’t worry, she’s not done. “I hope America loves me, and wants more. Because I got more,” she says.

See more of Torche’s final moments on the set after the jump.

Was Torche the rightful winner, or was David the right pick? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

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