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Aug 28

Torche’s Goodbye: “I Hope America Loves Me and Wants More, Because I Got More.”

Oh, Torche.  She was a strong competitor all through the competition. “She has proven herself again and again,” Jonathan says. Even Drew admitted she had the best creative mind of any cast member.  But even though she and Monica gave the final challenge their all, their appraised value fell just short of Team Drew’s total.

Brother Vs Brother Torche Perkins

“I wanted to win. I feel like we made the smartest choices possible,” Torche says. “I wanted to get a pony in there, for the reveal.”

Despite her “edgy” exterior, Torche stole many viewers’ hearts with her fun-loving demeanor, formidable construction skills and sheer will to win. But don’t worry, she’s not done. “I hope America loves me, and wants more. Because I got more,” she says.

See more of Torche’s final moments on the set after the jump.

Was Torche the rightful winner, or was David the right pick? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Torche really should have won. She was the most creative and hardest worker of any of the contestants. Her problem was she was paired with the weaker contestants and that hurt her. What lost the finale was Monica's poor color choices and furniture staging which meant that Torche was eliminated as well and did not have the opportunity to win on her own merit. It shouldn't have been a team loss in the finale. They should have been judged individually. I wish you had a FAN favorite competition because she would have won hands down. A way to fix that error would be to bring her back to HGTV with her own show. Both my sister and I were also struck with the small amount you gave as the winning prize compared to other shows of this type. $100,000 would have been better especially since the government takes most of it in taxes.

    Cindy Kenyon on May 5, 2014 at 7:19 pm
  2. do you every do a home for some one for free, I try and watch your show when ever I can like today. I am 70 going on 71 my husband is almost 73 I work a full 40 week and my husband can not work, I have 2 living adult children and 1 daughter passed away. we could never afford to buy a home, and I worry that what if some thing happened to me or my husband what would we do, with SS we could never be able to have a comfortable home to live in. We have been married for all most 52 years and we have had a lot of ups and downs in our lives. I would love to be able to have our own home once again. I work in East Haven CT near the water, were a lot of the homes were washed out and being built back up in the nice weather at lunch time we walk down there, if my husband could spend what time he could he would love to be near the water, I love to watch the water and in the winter I think it is great, but can't swim a stroke or float, I just love sit by it and smell the salt water but that is really some thing that would never happen.I would just love to have a home that is comfortable bright and sunny. My husband can not work this year he has had 2 strokes, and I won't let him drive , he used to go and pick up our granddaughter and spend time w/ her we have 2 grandsons and I grand daughter. my oldest daughter that passed was downs, and passed after having surgery, some thing that I can not get over , work helps to keep my mind off of that ..My husband is a twin and the younger one by 8 mins. his brother passed away about 2 years ago Thank you for letting me spend a few mins. dreaming.

    Pat Fleece on June 7, 2014 at 7:19 pm