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Aug 22

Brother Vs. Brother: Finale Sneak Peek

EXCLUSIVE INVITE: Join Jonathan and Drew for a pre-show video chat and celebration on Sunday, August 25 at 9/8c. Join the fun now >>

Brother Vs Brother Finale

The final four: Monica, Torche, David and Brett

This week’s Brother Vs. Brother season finale pins girls against guys. Both Jonathan and Drew want to make sure there’s an even match-up in the last challenge, so Torche and Monica are paired together to take on the last home remodel. And there’s a bit of a twist with the final two homes. They’re identical homes. As in, the homes are identical and their owners are identical. Crazy times at Brother Vs. Brother.

Brother Vs Brother Finale

The experts (from left): Jonathan, Kennon Earl, Hilary Farr, David Visentin, Drew, J.D. Scott, Mike Aubrey

And, guess who’s back to handle the appraisals? All of your favorite industry experts that we’ve seen this season: Kennon Earl, Hilary Farr, David Visentin and Mike Aubrey. Oh, and that other guy in the photo that looks strangely familiar? That’s J.D. Scott — Jonathan and Drew’s brother just hanging out on set!


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Aug 16

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan and Drew are ready for battle.

Ding, ding ding! We’ve officially made it to the Brother Vs. Brother semi-finals. This week, Team Drew is at a slight advantage. They won last week’s challenge, keeping them safe from elimination and giving them an extra set of hands compared to Team Jonathan’s team of two.

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Team Drew

Team Drew: Monica, Brett, David | Team Jonathan: Mark, Torche

Just when you think things are rolling along and might turn out OK on Team Jonathan — BAM, Torche is hit with the flu. Not. Good.

Watch this week’s sneak peek video, then tune in Sunday at 10/9c for a brand-new episode.

This Week On Brother Vs. Brother…

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Aug 9

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Last week was a doozy. Jonathan and Drew both had to eliminate someone only halfway through the reno, leaving their teams one man (technically, woman) short. Tensions are at an all-time high on Team Jonathan, while Team Jonathan keeps chugging along with maybe a little bit too much on their plate. This week’s judges? Yes, PLURAL. Your favorite power team, realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr, from HGTV’s Love It or List It.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Drew, Hilary, David and Jonathan

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Prep yourself for Sunday’s episode by watching all the drama from the first three challenges. Watch Full Episodes Now >>

Plus, catch the sneak peek of what’s coming up this week.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 4

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Aug 1

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 3 Sneak Peek

Brother Vs Brother: Jonathan and Drew Scott

This week, the competition gets fierce. Team Jonathan and Team Drew have each lost a challenge, making it four against four. The teams think they’re going into a normal challenge, but Drew throws a curve ball. “You’ll have four days to renovate these houses. Over the first two days, Jonathan and I are going to be looking extra close at everything you do and once those two days are up, one member will be cut … from both teams,” he says. Then, after those teammates are cut, the renovations must be finished by the remaining three.

I enjoy being a team player, but these people need to make sure they’re standing out and showcasing their skills. Or else.

Watch the Episode 3 Sneak Peek

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Jul 25

Episode One: Best Fan Comments + Memes

You all had us cracking up over here with your memes, tweets and Facebook comments for the Brother Vs. Brother premiere. From what I can tell, it seems most of you had (or are still having) a difficult time choosing a side. I know, I know … both brothers are pretty amazing. We loved all your social interaction so much, that we’re going to feature our favorites each week on the blog. And have you tried out the IntoNow app? You can get exclusive Brother Vs. Brother content while watching the show. You’ll get everything from insider videos and show trivia to sneak peek images, plus a tool that allows you to make fun Capits (below) that you can share with your friends. Download the IntoNow app now!

Capits From the IntoNow App

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit

Brother Vs Brother IntoNow Capit


“Watching #BrovsBro – how do I choose??? I love them both!! #torn #crazy” — @dpbam70

“The first episode of #brovsbro is almost over and I still can’t decide if I’m more in love with @MrSilverScott or @MrDrewScott!!!!!” — @MichelleBelle4

“What shade of green is THAT? #BroVsBro” — @RJOuttaSoCal

“My favorite part of #BROVSBRO is when @MrSilverScott bursts through the wall with his hair blowing majestically in the wind #teamjonathan” — @sydklandd

“#TeamJonathan- Quote of the night from my 10 yr old – how did Torche’s parents know she was going to be a welder when she was born?” — @beckeye829

“#BROVSBRO Loved it! We are a house divided now hubby and son are rooting for you #TeamJonathan, while us girls are rooting for you #TeamDrew” — @KQuaderer

“#TeamDrew or #TeamJonathan I can’t chose why would you do that to me @MrDrewScott @MrSilverScott” — @BlaqJacque1991

“How the heck are you supposed to pick between two hot identical twin brothers lol that’s just not fair!! #TeamDrew #TeamJonathan” — @AlYsSa_M90

Celeb + Bro Tweets

“My friend @BrettKarns’ show, Brother Vs Brother, airs TONIGHT on HGTV at 10pm! Please, please, please watch & vote for #TeamDrew! #BrovsBro!” — @MollyBSims

“Don’t miss Property Brothers @MrSilverScott & @MrDrewScott in the #BrotherVsBrother premiere Sunday @ 10/9c @HGTV” — @bexmader

“Getting close! Remember#TeamJonathan voters get endless back massages and compliments!” — @MrSilverScott

“The Royal Baby news is great, but in other baby news…see Drew cry like one tonight on Brother VS Brother premiering on @w_network #BigBaby” - @MrSilverScott

“@MrDrewScott YOU are my favorite brother!!!” – @kirstiealley

The competition is just getting started. Root for your favorite team!

Jul 19

Finale Sneak Peek + Sunday Night Twitter Party

Ready for a little vacation? Grab a vodka gimlet (or your throwback drink of choice) and join the final three HGTV Star contestants as they make over hotel suites in the midcentury design mecca of Palm Springs, Calif. Jeribai, Tiffany and Brooks will each design a brand new suite at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort. Hopefully they’ll get a little pool time, too:

HGTV Star Finale in Palm Springs, Calif.
Get a sneak peek of what you’ll see in the finale after the jump. Then, join David and the judges on Twitter during the show for behind-the-scenes details on the finale and their reaction to the newest HGTV Star. Just tag your tweets with #HGTVStar to join in on the fun. It all starts this Sunday at 8/7c.

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Jul 16

Brother Vs. Brother: Which Twin Will Win?

As identical twins, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have always been pretty competitive. This summer, they’re settling the score once and for all in an epic battle to see whose team can better-transform run-down properties. The winning brother gets the bragging rights, but the winning contestant goes home with $50,000. Before you tune in to the premiere this Sunday at 10/9c, get a sneak peek of what you’ll see on the show.

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott

Get a Sneak Peek of This Season’s Action

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Jul 11

It’s the Final Countdown (Almost!)

HGTV Star Episode 6

HGTV Star’s final four: Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai

In just one short month we’ve gone from 10 talented hopefuls to our final four fighting for the title of HGTV Star. Oh, how time flies in Star world. You’ve already caught a sneak peek of this week’s school bus showdown, but we have a special behind-the-scenes video straight from David, Vern, Sabrina and Genevieve you’ll definitely want to see. Now that we’re close to the end, the judge’s share their thoughts on the remaining designers, Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai. Plus, find out what they expect from the final challenges.

Sabrina says, “They’ve made it this far because they are listening, changing and evolving, but I want them to be true to their heart and just design away.”


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Jul 11

Caption This: Episode Six

We’re down to the final four and the second-to-last challenge before an HGTV Star is named. This week, our remaining designers, Jeribai, Tiffany, Brooks and Anne, are each tasked with transforming the inside of an old school bus. Their requirements? To create something unexpected and unconventional, and to absolutely not play it safe. I would say tensions and stress levels are high, but look at those faces! They look pretty ecstatic to hop on those buses. What do you think Tiffany’s saying here? Write your best caption in the comments below.

Caption This HGTV Star Episode 6 Photo

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Jul 10

Sneak Peek: The Wheels on the Bus…Are Part of the Challenge?

Every year on HGTV Star, the designers take on one nontraditional space. Past seasons’ challenges have included yurts, tiny houses and shipping containers. This year’s task: The final four designers will each create an out-of-the-box space inside…a stripped down school bus. Whaaat? See for yourself in this video sneak peek.

HGTV Star Contestants With David Bromstad

The Final Four HGTV Star Contestants With David Bromstad

See a Sneak Peek of This Sunday’s HGTV Star

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