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Aug 27

Brother Vs. Brother Winner: Congrats, David!

Brother Vs Brother David Font

David, a landscape architect and business owner, made his mark in the very first challenge when he did not one but TWO tile installations. Even though he’s most comfortable creating luxurious outdoor spaces, he was the only one on Team Drew who properly knew how to tile. At one point he admitted he felt like his team’s general contractor. He was fine with this, though, because he knew his strong work ethic and team-player mentality would ultimately bring him into the finale and out as the season one champion of Brother Vs. Brother.

All season long, we watched David consistently make smart design choices that helped his team win challenge after challenge. Flip through his best remodels >>

Plus, grab a tissue a watch his post-win interview. We couldn’t be happier to welcome you to the HGTV family, David!


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Aug 26

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside the Finale

Brother Vs Brother Finale

Last night’s finale was in-tense. The final four contestants — David, Brett, Monica and Torche — went head-to-head while still working together on teams to pull off their final designs. Talk about complicated. In the end, though, we knew only one would walk away with a $50,000 check and the champion title.

Brother Vs. Brother Finale

David’s season-long triumphs and final fireplace design ultimately led him in the race, making Team Drew the overall winner. Go behind the scenes of the Brother Vs. Brother season one finale and hear what Jonathan, Drew and the judges have to say about the final designs, including David’s fireplace feature.


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Aug 22

Brother Vs. Brother: Finale Sneak Peek

EXCLUSIVE INVITE: Join Jonathan and Drew for a pre-show video chat and celebration on Sunday, August 25 at 9/8c. Join the fun now >>

Brother Vs Brother Finale

The final four: Monica, Torche, David and Brett

This week’s Brother Vs. Brother season finale pins girls against guys. Both Jonathan and Drew want to make sure there’s an even match-up in the last challenge, so Torche and Monica are paired together to take on the last home remodel. And there’s a bit of a twist with the final two homes. They’re identical homes. As in, the homes are identical and their owners are identical. Crazy times at Brother Vs. Brother.

Brother Vs Brother Finale

The experts (from left): Jonathan, Kennon Earl, Hilary Farr, David Visentin, Drew, J.D. Scott, Mike Aubrey

And, guess who’s back to handle the appraisals? All of your favorite industry experts that we’ve seen this season: Kennon Earl, Hilary Farr, David Visentin and Mike Aubrey. Oh, and that other guy in the photo that looks strangely familiar? That’s J.D. Scott — Jonathan and Drew’s brother just hanging out on set!


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Aug 22

10 Best Brother Vs. Brother Contestant Reactions

Brother Vs Brother Team Drew

When you’re given two or three days to complete a remodeling challenge and are surrounded by teammates that just so happen to be your closest competitors, things can be a bit tricky. On the premiere season of Brother Vs. Brother, Jonathan and Drew have been throwing the first crop of contestants curve balls left and right. We’re so thankful we have a dedicated camera crew to capture these priceless reactions.

1.) Monica’s not-so-subtle stink eye. We get it. You’re competing for $50,000; I’d be sending over some dirty looks, too.

Brother Vs Brother Monica

2.) Brett + face palm. You just can’t get those appraisal values. We love ya anyway.

Brother Vs Brother Brett

3.) Christy’s jaw drops. Again. If you’ve noticed, Christy has a jaw-dropping reaction to almost everything. More evidence: see photo above.

Brother Vs Brother Christy

4.) How do you really feel, Francis?

Brother Vs Brother Francis

5.) WTF. I feel like this was a common expression whenever Francis or Mark spoke.

Brother Vs Brother Torche

6.) I have no idea what’s going on here.

Brother Vs Brother Monica

7.) Calm and quiet David lets this one roll of his shoulders. Just. This. Once.

Brother Vs Brother David

8.) Not ONCE have I EVER made a mistake. [Striped wallpaper, guacamole fireplace, no-stackables-in-the-laundry-room sass.]

Brother Vs Brother Brett

9.) Monica’s fed up with tile installation. David, where are you?

Brother Vs Brother Monica

10.) No words, just hand gestures.

Brother Vs Brother Francis Torche

See what Monica, Torche, David and Brett will bring to the table this week at the Brother Vs. Brother finale on Sunday at 10pm/9c.

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Aug 21

Memorable Moments From Brother Vs. Brother Season One

[Everyone, grab your sunglasses.] Remember the highlighter-hued walls in Team Jonathan’s first kitchen remodel? Francis: “It’s going to make this kitchen alive. Trust me.”

Brother Vs Brother Episode 1 Kitchen

But, it was OK because they redeemed themselves the next week with this humongous master bedroom with an open shelving unit.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 2 Bedroom

All the while, Team Drew is chugging along until challenge three when Christy seriously … needs … STACKABLES.

Brother Vs Brother Christy

It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re looking back at the highs and lows from this season of Brother Vs. Brother as we prepare for Sunday night’s big finale. Yay!


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Aug 20

Mark Heads Home Right Before the Finals

Brother Vs Brother Mark O'Mara

Team Jonathan contestant, designer and contractor Mark is the last person to see an elimination before everyone else heads into the Brother Vs. Brother finals. When it came down to Mark and Torche, Jonathan decided to keep Torche by his side for the final challenge. Throughout the season, Mark has contributed some of the largest value adders, like hardwood floors, pantry/laundry areas and an open shelving unit. Unfortunately, his poor time management and high ambitions caused him to lag behind or leave tasks unfinished (like the bathroom alcove).

“Besides the fact that Mark looks exactly like Bradley Cooper, he really does have some of the best ideas and the ability to actually execute those,” Jonathan says. “I think Mark could have won this competition. It’s just, unfortunately, in this challenge he made some bad decisions with time management,” Drew chimes in.

See what Mark has to say about his elimination, plus hear what the brothers think about Mark’s time on the show.


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Aug 19

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Five

Brother Vs. Brother Team Drew Monica

Womp, womp.

Monica has been a key player on Team Drew from the very first challenge; however, some of Drew’s tips during the first few challenges were disregarded or placed on the backburner. “Monica in the past has not listened to all of my advice,” Drew says. She completely redeemed herself during the master bedroom remodel, though. Brand-new hardwood floors, modern paint, fresh furnishings and an efficient layout proved she and Drew were on the same page. “She’s learned through this entire competition that she needs to listen to my advice,” he says. We’re glad she did!

Brother Vs. Brother Team Drew Bedroom

The master bedroom was the highlight of Team Drew’s remodel.

Monica pulled it off this week. See what she and Drew have to say about her rocky Brother Vs. Brother journey.


Aug 16

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Brother Vs Brother Jonathan and Drew Scott

Jonathan and Drew are ready for battle.

Ding, ding ding! We’ve officially made it to the Brother Vs. Brother semi-finals. This week, Team Drew is at a slight advantage. They won last week’s challenge, keeping them safe from elimination and giving them an extra set of hands compared to Team Jonathan’s team of two.

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Team Drew

Team Drew: Monica, Brett, David | Team Jonathan: Mark, Torche

Just when you think things are rolling along and might turn out OK on Team Jonathan — BAM, Torche is hit with the flu. Not. Good.

Watch this week’s sneak peek video, then tune in Sunday at 10/9c for a brand-new episode.

This Week On Brother Vs. Brother…

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Aug 14

Francis, Out! [Throws Down Microphone]

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Francis

From the very beginning, it’s very clear that Team Jonathan is a cast of characters. This includes proud Greek, designer/contractor and former dancer Francis. You can’t help but love his sass and theatrical personality. In an early interview, Jonathan says, “He’s Greek and he’s excited sometimes and he yells and he screams, and then two minutes later he’s your best friend again.”

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very honest. That’s also a problem because I always speak my mind,” Francis says.

We’ve seen Francis splash chartreuse on kitchen walls, install a killer glass tile backsplash, “click” hardwood floors into place and transform both a dining room and kitchen into modern masterpieces. We love your style, Francis, and we’re sorry to see you go.

Hear what Francis has to say about his Brother Vs. Brother experience and being near his one true love, the camera. Plus, find out Jonathan’s take on sending Francis home.

Watch Francis’ Exit Interview

Aug 12

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Four

Someone on Team Jonathan and Team Drew is two challenges away from $50K and the title of champion of Brother Vs. Brother. I think that thought settled into everyone’s minds after last week’s double elimination. Now, the stakes are even higher and tensions are rising. Torche, Francis and Mark spent the remainder of the challenge in an awkward silence, coping with the loss of their best team player. A few houses down, Team Drew kept things peaceful and calm. Why can’t Team Jonathan seem to get it together?

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan

“I’ve got more drama here than probably Drew’s team and 50 other teams put together,” Jonathan says. “Everybody is on everybody’s nerves, which is unfortunate because at this point we’re trying to beat the other team. I’d love to see my guys go into the finale, and if they’re at each other’s throats, that’s not going to happen.”

Brother Vs. Brother - Drew Scott

Hear what Jonathan and Drew have to say about their very different team dynamics, plus their hopes for the final challenge.

Go Inside Episode 4

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