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Jul 26

Who’s Your Favorite Designer? Last Chance to Vote!

Design Star Fan Vote

Have you voted for your favorite designer today? You have until tomorrow, July 27, at noon to help decide which contestant will win a show on We’ll announce the winner right here — until then, don’t forget to cast your virtual ballot!

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Jul 26

Ask the Producer: Design Star Finale

I chat with Design Star producer Loren Ruch each week about behind-the-scenes moments we didn’t see on the show. This week: How do the designers keep the winner’s identity secret after the finale? Plus, how big is the DS crew? Read on to find out.

Design Star Winner Danielle Colding With Producer Loren Ruch

This question comes from Parkebernet on the blog: Loren, how are the city locations chosen each season? Would you ever consider moving from a huge city like LA or NYC to, say, Billings, Montana?
We actually choose the locations for a variety of reasons. This year, we wanted to get the show on the air earlier than in the past because we wanted it to wrap before the Olympics. That meant that we needed to shoot in January and February (instead of March and April), so I thought New York City would just be too cold during that time frame especially for outdoor shoots. We also take into consideration where it’s the most convenient to find a good crew to work on the show (which tends to be LA or NY). That said, I would definitely be open to trying other cities provided there are enough shopping options, decent weather, and good accommodations for a huge crew plus our designers and panel. Design Star is a huge commitment for David, Vern and Gen, too, because they need to move to the destination of our choice for over two months. That means packing up kids, spouses, pets and lots and lots of wardrobe options!

How large is the Design Star crew compared to the typical HGTV crew?
Great question, and no one has ever asked me that before! Design Star is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than any other show on the network. We have roughly 150 people working on it as compared to a typical show, which may have 15 to 20. There are just so many departments on a show like this including challenge producers, reality producers, production assistants, talent coordinators, makeup artists — the list goes on and on!

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Jul 25

Meg on the Finale: “Danielle, I Can’t Wait to Give You A Hug”

Meg's Great Rooms

Last year’s winner gives the newest Design Star her best advice (“You have just won the most amazing career out there!”), plus her words of wisdom for Britany.

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Jul 24

Design Star All Stars: First Look

The Design Star season might be winding down, but we’re just gearing up for the very first season of Design Star All Stars. Here’s a sneak peek to tide you over until  Tuesday, July 31 at 9/8c.

Jul 23

Sneak Peek: Season Finale!

Design Star Season Finale

Who will be HGTV’s next Design Star? We’re only a day away from the big reveal. All that’s left: Britany and Danielle must film their show pilots and prove they have what it takes to design and host. Get a sneak peek of the action.

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Jul 20

Vote For Your Fan Favorite

Design Star Fan Favorite

Crazy about Luca’s Pittsburgh style? A fan of Bex’s quirky Texas designs? There’s still time to vote for your favorite designer! Vote up to 10 times per day through Friday, July 27 at noon for your most-loved contestant. The winner will win their on show right here on

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Jul 19

Relive the Best Season Seven Moments

Best Moments From Season 7

We’ve come a long way, baby. From Yuki’s episode one collage to Hilari’s camera challenge disaster in the yurt episode, we’ve seen lots of design (good + bad), plenty of laughter and a few tears.

Watch our collection of this season’s most memorable moments after the jump.

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Jul 18

Meet The Design Star All Stars Cast

Did you ever wish some of your favorite Design Star contestants from seasons past got a chance to come back and redeem themselves? Wish no more, and mark your calendars: Design Star All Stars is here. Starting July 31 at 9/8c, six of the most memorable designers from the show’s history books will dust off their reality TV skills and compete for a guest spot on an HGTV show and a cash prize.

David Bromstad hosts, and Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder will return to the Design Panel along with a rotating guest judge. Read on to find out the rest of the familiar faces you’ll see on the show.

The Design Star All Stars Cast Is…

Jul 17

How Would You Decorate a Yurt?

Yurt Before - Exterior

On tonight’s episode of Design Star (tune in at 9/8c), the final three take on a brand new nontraditional home challenge: turn a yurt into a dream bedroom suite. But first: what the heck is a yurt? It’s a portable structure with round walls built on a wood lattice frame.

Though the centuries-old structures originated in central Asia, today they’re used in both old and new ways. You can find them anywhere from vacation communities in the English countryside

West Wood Yurt Community

Image courtesy West Wood Yurts

…to traditional farming villages in China.

Yurt in China

Image courtesy Highlander Images

Here’s the blank slate (via the Colorado Yurt Company) the final three designers will start with on tonight’s episode:

Unfinished Yurt Interior

How would you decorate a yurt? Tell me in the comments below!

Jul 3

Episode 6 Recap: Dream (and Nightmare) Kitchens

Designers With HGTV Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sara Peterson

The designers took on the dreaded kitchen challenge this week, but the stakes were a little higher: The winning kitchen won a feature in HGTV Magazine, and the bottom two designers went home. Read on to see which kitchens turned out dreamy and which, well, didn’t. Plus, tell me what you thought of this week’s episode!

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