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Jul 7

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 5

The on-call EMT has certainly become a well-known “crew member” this season on Brother Vs. Brother. Between Adi’s leg, Rick’s fingers (not shown) and Eric’s head, the injuries have started stacking up pretty quickly.

Brother Vs. Brother Episode 5

While trying to remove a glass cube from the kitchen wall, it explodes on Eric.

If you saw our last “Ask the Producer” post, producer Loren Ruch reiterated the importance of safety on set. Although an injury-free season is the ultimate goal, construction is a dangerous game. Why has this season been so injury prone? “They’re fighting so hard that they’re sacrificing their bodies,” says talent coordinator Mike Greggs.

Online host and older bro JD Scott talks to the brothers and the on-call EMT about this season’s injuries. See what they have to say about the minor setbacks that have affected both teams.

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Jun 30

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 4

Going into the fourth challenge, Team Jonathan was leading the competition two to one. Not only that, but Team Jonathan had a team of four heading into the colonial remodel, compared to Team Drew’s team of two. To even the playing field, the bros let Team Drew members Melissa and Eric pluck a member from Team Jonathan.

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes

Drew, Jonathan and JD Scott

Online host and older brother JD Scott dives into the team swap and why Team Drew chose Rick. Plus, see how Team Jonathan really felt about the loss of their teammate. Take a look:

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Jun 23

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 3

Double elimination means double the stress on both Team Jonathan and Team Drew. With not just one but TWO people heading home after the third challenge, tensions were higher than ever during the renovations.

Drew, JD and Jonathan Scott - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

Drew, JD and Jonathan Scott

Online host and older brother JD Scott was on the set to capture the tension and all the behind-the-scenes drama. Take a look…

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Jun 9

Bro Vs. Bro: Inside Episode One

Brother Vs Brother Episode One

Online host JD Scott interviews Peggy Tart and Melissa Roche.

As you know, there’s one more Scott brother to love this season. Online host and older bro JD Scott will be bringing you all the behind-the-scenes action after each episode. This week, we’re diving into team dynamics. The stakes are high, the clock is ticking and each person has their own skills to share. Can everyone get along or will the pressure create renovation tension? Take a look.

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Jul 29

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Two

Brother Vs. Brother: Team Drew Fireplace

Team Drew’s fireplace after the remodel.

When you think of adding value to a home, painting a fireplace surround avocado green is not the first thing that comes to mind. Brett, from Team Drew, made some risky design decisions this week. First, he applied guacamole to the fireplace. Then, he replaced the outdated dining room wallpaper with a striped design that gives you vertigo as soon as you walk into the room. Brett says, “I’ve never made any remodeling mistakes. I’ve had zero mistakes.” Hmm…

Find out what Jonathan, Drew and his teammates have to say about Brett’s design decisions, plus hear why Drew kept him on board.

Watch: Drew Bets on Brett

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Jul 23

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode One

Brother Vs Brother Francis Toumbakaris

Shannon and Francis during the first challenge

Francis … where do I start with this ball of energy? If you recall, he’s a Greek [former] dancer turned contractor/designer living in New York City. He created quite a stir with his teammates after choosing a neon green paint color for the walls in the kitchen. Yup. So, after the first episode we learned a few things about Francis:

  • He likes to add a signature touch to every space, even in the form of highlighter-toned hues.
  • He wears suspenders like nobody’s business.
  • He has a flair for the dramatic.
  • He will break out in dance moves at any time.
Brother Vs Brother Francis Toumbakaris

Team Jonathan at the first elimination

And my favorite Francis quote yet: “The camera lens is my biggest lover.” Did you miss that one? It’s in the behind-the-scenes video below, where Francis also showcases some of his professional dance moves.

This is going to be a fun season to watch, especially if this guy sticks around for a while. Check out “unfiltered Francis” and hear what Jonathan, Drew and his teammates have to say about his extra-large personality.

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Jul 17

The Final Three: See Their HGTV Star Journey

HGTV Star Season 8 Finale

As we impatiently count down the days until the final challenge, our finalists, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai, recount their HGTV Star journey. What did they think walking into the first challenge? How does it feel being a contender for the Star title? Find out! But first, here are some pre-finale words from our finalists:

Brooks: “I came here to prove that you could successfully think outside the box and challenge the norms in design, and I think I successfully did that.”

Tiffany: “What I need to do to pull off this final challenge is to keep doing what I have been doing but to add a bit more seasoning to it.”

Jeribai: ”I’ve been trusting my gut this whole competition and it’s been paying off.”

See Their Journey to the Finale

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Jul 16

Vern Vs. Dan: Who Wears a Better Necktie?

HGTV Star Vern Yip and Dan Collopy

Our behind-the-scenes correspondent and online host, Dan Collopy, has been necktie-ing it up all season long. Vern could sense he had some competition in the fashion department, so to spice things up he declared a necktie challenge: Vern Vs. Dan. Watch the fists come out as patterns and solids collide. Then, cast your vote in the poll below. Who wears a better necktie, Dan or Vern?

Let the Competition Begin!

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Jul 15

Episode Six Behind-the-Scenes Dish

HGTV Star Behind-the-Scenes Dish Episode 6

We have school buses! Could it be any weirder?” Probably not, David. And the best part? The designers were given the ultimate creative freedom to do whatever they wanted. Hence the unique time traveler’s space lounge by Brooks and the Alice in Wonderland-themed bus by Tiffany. You would think this quirky challenge would be a breeze for some, but even Brooks admitted the limitless options were a bit overwhelming.

Hear David and the judges’ very candid views on last night’s bus designs and live audience camera challenges. (Even David admits he struggled with his camera challenge during season one.)

Go Behind the Scenes

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Jul 11

It’s the Final Countdown (Almost!)

HGTV Star Episode 6

HGTV Star’s final four: Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai

In just one short month we’ve gone from 10 talented hopefuls to our final four fighting for the title of HGTV Star. Oh, how time flies in Star world. You’ve already caught a sneak peek of this week’s school bus showdown, but we have a special behind-the-scenes video straight from David, Vern, Sabrina and Genevieve you’ll definitely want to see. Now that we’re close to the end, the judge’s share their thoughts on the remaining designers, Anne, Brooks, Tiffany and Jeribai. Plus, find out what they expect from the final challenges.

Sabrina says, “They’ve made it this far because they are listening, changing and evolving, but I want them to be true to their heart and just design away.”


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