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Aug 14

Francis, Out! [Throws Down Microphone]

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan Francis

From the very beginning, it’s very clear that Team Jonathan is a cast of characters. This includes proud Greek, designer/contractor and former dancer Francis. You can’t help but love his sass and theatrical personality. In an early interview, Jonathan says, “He’s Greek and he’s excited sometimes and he yells and he screams, and then two minutes later he’s your best friend again.”

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very honest. That’s also a problem because I always speak my mind,” Francis says.

We’ve seen Francis splash chartreuse on kitchen walls, install a killer glass tile backsplash, “click” hardwood floors into place and transform both a dining room and kitchen into modern masterpieces. We love your style, Francis, and we’re sorry to see you go.

Hear what Francis has to say about his Brother Vs. Brother experience and being near his one true love, the camera. Plus, find out Jonathan’s take on sending Francis home.

Watch Francis’ Exit Interview

Aug 14

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 4

Each week, I chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and what you didn’t see on the show. This week: What was up with the tension on Team Jonathan? Read Loren’s take.

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 4

Things seemed super-tense in the Team Jonathan house this week. Was it that bad in person? 
It was tense this week! The personalities in Team Jonathan really started to clash when exhaustion set in. Francis and Torche were barely communicating with Mark and vice versa, and even Jonathan started to get frustrated and short tempered. That said, when Francis was sent home, Mark and Torche had a private moment with him, and everyone ended on good terms. They were sad to see him go home.

What was your favorite or most memorable on-set moment from this week’s show?
Somehow Francis’ artwork was left out overnight in the rain and got soaking wet!  It was an awful moment in the real world, and luckily the painting recovered well enough that no one really noticed, but we all felt really bad for him.

What made Jonathan ultimately decide to send Francis home?
I think that when Jonathan made a ‘pro’ and ‘con’ list he just thought that Mark and Torche would make the most well-rounded team between Torche’s hands-on skills, and Mark’s real estate and architecture background. Even though Francis was a delight to have on set, I think Jonathan thought that his taste was less consistent than the others (remember the green paint in episode 1?), so he was a bigger risk. That’s just my interpretation…and how it felt for me as an observer on set.

A guest on the blog asks, “Despite the drama and the strong personalities of all of the contestants, I have a feeling it’ll literally get down to the wire as to the winner. What happens if there’s a tie???”
Let’s just put it this way…there’s never a clear-cut winner or loser in this show because we’re dealing with such talented individuals. However, I can promise you that there’s only ONE $50,000 winner at the end of the season!

Nancy on the blog asks, “What does a person have to do to become part of a team?”
Great question!  We are going to start casting in a few weeks, so continue to check for more information!

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below.

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Aug 12

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Four

Someone on Team Jonathan and Team Drew is two challenges away from $50K and the title of champion of Brother Vs. Brother. I think that thought settled into everyone’s minds after last week’s double elimination. Now, the stakes are even higher and tensions are rising. Torche, Francis and Mark spent the remainder of the challenge in an awkward silence, coping with the loss of their best team player. A few houses down, Team Drew kept things peaceful and calm. Why can’t Team Jonathan seem to get it together?

Brother Vs Brother Team Jonathan

“I’ve got more drama here than probably Drew’s team and 50 other teams put together,” Jonathan says. “Everybody is on everybody’s nerves, which is unfortunate because at this point we’re trying to beat the other team. I’d love to see my guys go into the finale, and if they’re at each other’s throats, that’s not going to happen.”

Brother Vs. Brother - Drew Scott

Hear what Jonathan and Drew have to say about their very different team dynamics, plus their hopes for the final challenge.

Go Inside Episode 4

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Aug 11

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 4 Scorecard

Let’s talk Brother Vs. Brother episode four.  When we left the contestants in episode three, they were halfway through a four-day remodel and each team was down a player. (Aww, no more Inez or Christy.) That leaves us with six players left to finish eight contestants’ work.

Brother Vs. Brother Teams Episode 4

Team Drew is tackling the living room, laundry room and kitchen of their home, while Team Jonathan is focused on the kitchen, living room and dining room.
See What Happened + Who Went Home

Aug 9

Brother Vs. Brother: Episode 4 Sneak Peek

Last week was a doozy. Jonathan and Drew both had to eliminate someone only halfway through the reno, leaving their teams one man (technically, woman) short. Tensions are at an all-time high on Team Jonathan, while Team Jonathan keeps chugging along with maybe a little bit too much on their plate. This week’s judges? Yes, PLURAL. Your favorite power team, realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr, from HGTV’s Love It or List It.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Drew, Hilary, David and Jonathan

Brother Vs Brother Episode 4

Prep yourself for Sunday’s episode by watching all the drama from the first three challenges. Watch Full Episodes Now >>

Plus, catch the sneak peek of what’s coming up this week.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 4

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Aug 6

Double Elimination: Goodbye, Inez!

Brother Vs. Brother Inez

Inez immediately jumped in and adapted herself as one of the best team players on Team Jonathan. “My personal strategy for this house is to help everyone out,” she said during the first challenge. “I work well with Mark, so our goal is to just move from room to room and complete tasks together.” It wasn’t until the third challenge that Inez claimed a space of her own, but at this point you could sense Jonathan’s doubt. “She would not stick her neck out and she would not show me what her design style is,” Jonathan says. “Her inability to just get in and claim a job … that was why she left.”

Inez says, “I would start something, someone else would come in, I would move on to the next room that really needed to be tackled, so that was my downfall.”

Watch Inez’s post-elimination interview, plus hear what Jonathan has to say about sending Inez home.

Inez’s Exit Interview

Aug 6

Double Elimination: Team Drew Sends Christy Home

Brother Vs Brother Christy

At the beginning of the third challenge, Drew announced that this renovation was not only going to be four days long but that one member from each team would be eliminated after two days. Jaws dropped.

Team Drew Before Challenge

The competition got tough and tensions rose. Team Drew (specifically Christy) had some serious budgetary problems. Brett’s kitchen needed brand-new appliances, but Christy really needed a stackable washer/dryer unit in the laundry room. Monica couldn’t/wouldn’t budge with the budget, leaving Christy at a laundry room standstill.

Brother Vs Brother Christy

Drew’s day two check-in was a little awkward. Most of the other rooms were at least painted or … something, but the laundry room was a blank slate. “Drew was on my side about the stackables. That’s what really killed me is that I was like, ‘But my design was perfect!’ But ultimately, he wasn’t seeing the design come together, so that was incredibly frustrating,” Christy says.

Watch Christy’s post-elimination interview, plus hear what Drew has to say about his decision.

Christy’s Exit Interview

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Aug 6

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Three

We all know that Drew and Jonathan can get pretty competitive. As identical twins, they’ve been competing their whole lives, and they each know the other’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone. “He knows what I’m thinking. But I know what he’s thinking,” Drew jokes. Drew also knows exactly when to strike:

Drew Slaps Jonathan

As we count down to the finale, things are starting to get a little heated — for the brothers and the contestants. “They now realize that this isn’t just a game…there’s a lot of money on the line,” Jonathan says.But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of fun happening behind the scenes.

Jonathan Kicks Sign

See why each brother thinks their team will win, plus what they’re looking for in the very first Brother Vs. Brother champion.


Aug 6

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 3

Each week, I chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and what goes into the making of the show. This week: What do you do when it rains on your television shoot? And are the brothers supposed to be helping out with the remodels or not? Loren weighs in.

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother

Drew and Jonathan Scott prep for a shot under their (matching!) umbrellas.

What was the funniest or most memorable moment from the set of this episode? 
The most memorable moment in this episode actually has more to do with the weather than the contestants.  It was POURING rain for the entire first day so we were all drowned rats on set!  It was not my favorite day of shooting…I’ll put it that way.

What made you decide to turn this makeover into a two-part episode?
We decided to make this one a two-parter since we did a “weekend warrior” challenge last week.  I was curious to see how much more work/value could be accomplished in four days versus two.  The other reason was that the brothers wanted to make sure that their teams had the best of the best for the upcoming finale, so it was a good idea for them to narrow their teams down to only the strongest players. A two-part episode accomplished both of our objectives.

Debbie from Michigan (@debbiefrommich) asks: Are the brothers supposed to help their teams during the challenge? I noticed that they typically only help at the end. What are the guidelines?
Good question, Debbie. This was a struggle for us when we were developing the show, because we wanted the brothers to be active participants in their teams, but also be good judges of who are the strongest competitors since it is a competition show. We figured the best way to do this was to have them around at the beginning of the challenge, then again for a mid-process check-in, and then for the final 1/2 day to help out any way they could. This way they were able to help out and observe at the same time.

How many camera operators are typically located in each home during the work day? Do they interact with the cast at all or just stand back and capture the action? 
We usually have 2-3 cameras at each house at any given time. Additionally we have two producers in each house.  Our contestants do not interact with the cameras or crew unless they need to tell them something pertinent (like if they need to use the restroom) or if they are hungry. Otherwise, we like to keep the contestants “in the game” and not on a social level with the crew members who are surrounding them.

What do you want to know about the show? Ask Loren your Brother Vs. Brother questions in the comments below.

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Aug 4

Brother Vs. Brother: Best Moments From Episode 3

Another week, another set of remodeling challenges (and drama!) on Brother Vs. Brother.  This week, the stakes got even higher: The teams have four days to pull of their biggest-ever home improvements. The catch? Each brother will eliminate one team member halfway through the project, leaving the rest to pick up the slack.  See what you missed, and who went home.

Brother Vs. Brother Team Jonathan

Team Jonathan earned their first win during last week’s challenge, so Jonathan was feeling, well, just a little bit confident this week:

But Team Drew had some tricks up their sleeve, too.

After two straight appraisal challenge losses (and lots of embarrassment for real estate agent Brett), Team Drew’s value estimate was the closest this week.



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