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Jun 13

David On Episode 3: “It’s Not the Design Star Way”

Host David Bromstad dishes on why this was one of the “most exciting challenges ever,” the out-of-control fighting and which rooms he’d design differently.

Design Star Host David Bromstad

David: It’s Not the Design Star Way

Jun 6

David on Episode 2: “It Was Frightening to Look At”

David Bromstad on The Design Star White Room Challenge

David chats about why he loves the White Room Challenge, who he’s most disappointed in and who he knew was in trouble.  Plus, who created something he’d want to buy? Find out after the jump.

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May 30

David on the Collage: “It’d Look Good…In My Trash Can”

Design Star Host and Mentor David Bromstad

David’s back this season with behind-the-scenes dish from the set.  This week: Hear about behind-the-scenes fights, his favorite spaces and, of course, the collage.

Watch David’s Design Star Vlog, Then Weigh In

Sep 13

David on the Finale: “Can You Handle This Moment?!”

David on the Judging Panel

David dishes on what it was like to be in the elimination room while the judging panel deliberated. Plus, why his heart was beating “1000 times a minute” and what is “the golden ticket for fabulous.”

Get David’s Take on the Season Finale

Sep 6

David on Episode 9: “Honey, Welcome to Television”

David dishes on why Mark failed this week and who the mentor thinks could “sell anything to anybody.” Plus, who surprised him the most? Hear his from-the-set take.

Mark With David Bromstad

Get David’s Take on Episode 9

Aug 30

David on Episode 8: “It Was Like ’80s Granny, Not-So-Chic”

David dishes on the final four’s budget design challenge. Who “ignored him completely” and who was practically “peeing in his pants” backstage at The Nate Berkus Show? Plus, he breaks down the best and worst designs.

David at the Nate Berkus Show

See What David Thought of Episode 8

Aug 23

David on Episode 7: Where Were the Bunk Beds?!

David Bromstad With Design Star contestants

David dishes on this week’s many design faux pas (missing bunk beds, anyone?). Plus, who was he most disappointed (and even “irritated”) by this week?

Get David’s Behind-the-Scenes Take on Episode 7

Aug 16

David on Episode 6: “He Didn’t Even Hear Me”

Design Star Mentor David Bromstad

David dishes on which space was the “one of the last places” he’d want to hang out. Plus, who he thinks isn’t listening.

David Breaks Down the Insta-Wedding

Aug 9

David on Episode 5: ‘It Looked Like a Fast Food Restaurant’

David Mentoring Meg and Kevin

See which kitchen David thought was better suited for a drive-through than a dinner party. Plus, who was “steamrolled” and who was David “mortified” for?

David Dishes on Episode 5

Aug 2

David on Episode 4: ‘Such a Big Disappointment’

David Bromstad

See which BB room David was most disappointed by. Plus, get his scoop on coaching the designers and what you didn’t see on the show.

Get David’s Dish on Episode 4

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