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Jun 13

Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Cottage Shenanigans

Brother Vs. Brother Season Two

With a win under his belt, Jonathan walks into the second challenge feeling pretty confident. This week on Brother Vs. Brother, the teams makeover cottage homes with a handful of problems to fix. Team Drew faces issues on the budget end, while Team Jonathan finds themselves entangled in way too many projects that may or may not get completed in time. In the end, only one team can win the week’s challenge and one person must pack their bags.

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Jul 31

Episode Two: Best Fan Comments + Memes

Sunday’s big design controversy was, mostly, the avocado-hued fireplace chosen by Brett from Team Drew. It’s all good, Brett. You made it through the elimination, and I have faith you’ll make it up in this week’s challenge. But, Brother Vs. Brother fans and even the contestants themselves had lots to say on Twitter, Pinterest and IntoNow, the second-screen app, about this design decision.

Our Fave IntoNow Capits + GIFs

Brother Vs Brother Drew Scott

We agree, Drew. We agree.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 2

Brother Vs Brother Oliver

Ollie’s reaction to avocado?

Brother Vs Brother Brett

I should have gone with a neutral. SMH.

Brother Vs Brother Episode 2

Twitter Talk

“At home watching with guacamole and chips…and a few margaritas. #loveavocado #teamdrew #brovsbro” — @brettkarns

“Oh my goodness! So excited to see what happens with Mr#peelandstick himself and #TeamDrew.” — @actingthepart 

“I make a mean guac too!” — @GreekAndHandy

“Phew, close one! I live to see another week & another reno Till next Sunday! Now, off to make some guacamole with my “avocados” #teamdrew” — @brettkarns

“OMG. Avocado. No. #BroVsBro #TeamJonathan” — @jaeayeti

“I like the fireplace. I’m an avocado fan. #BroVsBro” — @PassAGrilleBch

#TeamJonathan got lucky. It was close. I didn’t think the fireplace was so bad, it really tied in nicely, the beige killed it #TeamDrew #FTW” — @Melissa_Bosquez

Pinterest Chatter

“70′s time warp! Avocados are for eating, not smearing on your wall.” — Melissa Puchak

“Just not the RIGHT green … could have been really cool!” — Patti Huchinson

“I for one, LOVED it! I love anything in greens and thought with the aqua colors in the room, it looked great!” — Sarah Jones

“Seemed like it went well with the kitchen backsplash. I think it would have worked with white walls and a black mantle and hearth.” — Rene Arus

There has been a lot of food talk going on. Hungry? (I know this has nothing to do with remodeling, but c’est la vie.) Check out these yummy recipes for avocado fries and guacamole dip. Brett, those are just for you.

Jul 30

Team Drew Sends Oliver Home

This is one of my favorite Oliver moments. His enthusiasm is pretty contagious.

Team Drew Wins First Challenge

Team Drew Wins the First Challenge

Unfortunately, a poor living room arrangement, beige walls, an avocado fireplace and vertigo-inducing wallpaper couldn’t save Team Drew this week … or Oliver. The living room and entry mishaps either subtracted or added zero value to the spaces. Even though Oliver produced a winning kitchen last week, he didn’t quite make his mark in this week’s challenge. “I wanted somebody to own a task, complete it and add some value to the home, and unfortunately he added the least,” Drew says. “He’s got a big heart and he wants to help everyone out. The problem is, this is a competition.”

Team Drew Eliminates Oliver

Watch Oliver’s post-elimination exit interview. Plus, hear what Drew has to say about sending Ollie home.

Watch: Oliver Gets Candid

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Jul 30

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 2

Each week, we chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. Here’s his behind-the-scenes take on the show’s second episode.

Brother Vs. Brother: Team Jonathan With Producer Loren Ruch

Team Jonathan With Brother Vs. Brother Producer Loren Ruch

How long does it typically take to get one episode of Brother Vs. Brother ready for air? How many hours of work do video editors put in? 
That’s a question no one has ever asked me before, so I love your inquisitive nature! We shot the show back in January and February, and then spend between eight and nine weeks per episode to assemble the shows. That includes time to edit the video, put in all the music, build all the 3D graphics and make some back-and-forth notes between myself and the production company.

What was the funniest or most memorable moment from the filming of episode two?
Francis was having a major meltdown for most of the episode, so even though it wasn’t funny for him, it was quite amusing to watch as an outsider. At one point I heard him scream “I didn’t come here to be a laborer!” after spending about seven straight hours laying the wood floors. And then, just when you thought he would crack or walk from the show, he would break into a dance routine and have everyone in stitches all over again! We laughed a lot during the filming of this series — even during the stressful moments.

Did the homeowners of Team Drew’s property like the avocado fireplace?  
They actually did like it!  To be honest, it wasn’t the color I would have chosen, but it was still better than the original boring, white fireplace that was there in the before shots!

Now that brothers are tied one win to one win, will the stakes get higher in future episodes? Any clues as to the drama we’ll see going forward?  
The next episode is probably one of the most tension-filled of the entire season because BOTH teams will lose a player! The brothers decided that this would be a good point to really observe their teams and to make sure that only the best of the best would ultimately make it to the finale — so there were a lot of stakes in episode three.

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below.

Jul 29

Brother Vs. Brother: Inside Episode Two

Brother Vs. Brother: Team Drew Fireplace

Team Drew’s fireplace after the remodel.

When you think of adding value to a home, painting a fireplace surround avocado green is not the first thing that comes to mind. Brett, from Team Drew, made some risky design decisions this week. First, he applied guacamole to the fireplace. Then, he replaced the outdated dining room wallpaper with a striped design that gives you vertigo as soon as you walk into the room. Brett says, “I’ve never made any remodeling mistakes. I’ve had zero mistakes.” Hmm…

Find out what Jonathan, Drew and his teammates have to say about Brett’s design decisions, plus hear why Drew kept him on board.

Watch: Drew Bets on Brett

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Jun 18

Jessie’s Goodbye: “It’s Only Going to Make Me Stronger”

HGTV Star Episode Two Jessie Miller

For the second challenge, the designers teamed up to take on the redesign of an already gorgeous industrial loft. Boris, Jessie and Abby were tasked with the largest chunk of space: the kitchen, dining room and foyer area. Each designer claimed a room which seemed logical at first but quickly became overwhelming.

Jessie decided to jump on the loft’s mostly-furnished kitchen to showcase her styling skills to the judges. Unfortunately, her styling decisions led to her elimination. “I think she just showed us her weak side,” Vern says.

See what Jessie has to say about going home, plus hear the judges’ take on their decision.

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Jun 17

Episode Two Behind-the-Scenes Dish

HGTV Star Episode Two Behind-the-Scenes Video

This week we saw our nine remaining designers work together (somewhat) to make over an industrial loft in downtown LA. Cris loves bold colors; Brooks veers towards industrial design; and Abby is bohemian chic all the way. Coming up the a cohesive palette and collaborative statement was certainly a challenge for the crew.

Find out what Vern, Genevieve and Sabrina have to say about the designs that worked and the designs that didn’t work. Also, hear David’s take on the second challenge. (The adjectives “horrible,” “hideous,” “awful” and “tragic” were used. Ouch!)

Go Behind the Scenes

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Jun 13

Caption This: Episode Two

This week, the nine remaining designers are tasked with transforming an industrial warehouse loft in downtown LA into a beautiful, functional, one-of-a-kind home, including four distinct areas (living, eating, sleeping and working). And this time, it’s a team challenge. What’s going on in this picture between Boris, Abby and Jessie? Are tensions already flaring before the designing begins? Or, is Abby showcasing her telepathy skills? Write your best caption in the comments below.

Caption This HGTV Star Photo: Episode Two

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Jun 7

Ask the Producer: White Room Challenge

Each week, I chat with Design Star‘s producer Loren Ruch about your most-asked questions from this week’s episode. This week, he talks about why the White Room Challenge is important and what it was like on set with Vanilla Ice. Plus: What happened to Candice?

Design Star Producer Loren Ruch with Design Panel

David, Producer Loren Ruch, Genevieve, Vern, Guest Judge Vanilla Ice

Go Behind the Scenes of the White Room Challenge

Jun 6

Design Star How-To: Paint a Chevron-Patterned Dresser

Design Star fans always ask: “How did so-and-so make that backsplash?” and  “How can I make my walls look like that guy’s room from the show?” This year, we listened! Remember Rachel’s super-trendy chevron-painted dressers?

Rachel Kate's Winning White Room Challenge Space

Rachel's Winning White Room Challenge Space

Design Star design producer and contributor Brian Patrick Flynn shows you everything you need to know to prep, paint and finish a chevron-patterned dresser at home. Looks great in purple, pink and white, no?

Brian Patrick Flynn's Chevron-Patterned Dresser

Ready to learn how? Watch the video to get his tips after the jump.

See How to Get Rachel’s Look at Home

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