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Jul 23

Brooks’ Goodbye: “I Did Exactly What I Wanted to Do”

HGTV Star Brooks Atwood

From the very first challenge we all knew Brooks was going to bring some “unexpected flair” to his designs each week. This industrial design professor, trained architect and product designer is new to the world of interior design, but that didn’t stop him from creating some of the top spaces of the season. Brooks wowed the judges with his first vignette using a mix of vintage items in a contemporary way. This includes lots of taxidermy and pink wallpaper, a risk the panel loved. Then in week two, he created a crazy chandelier using audio cables. Each week, he brought a space that was very “Brooks.” His approach to design is what landed him in the top two with Tiffany and Jeribai.

“Brooks’ design brilliance is so refreshing and unfiltered, where you cant’ really tame the artist and you don’t really want to,” judge Genevieve Gorder says.

Hear what Brooks has to say about his HGTV Star experience, making it to the finale and his thoughts behind the hotel suite design. Plus, find out what the judges, David and Brooks’ fellow competitors think about his design style.

Watch Brooks’ Exit Interview

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Jul 23

Jeribai’s Goodbye: “It’s Always About Growth For Me”

HGTV Star Jeribai Tascoe

One of the most impressive things about finalist Jeribai Tascoe is his lack of formal design training. He’s self-taught and is truly a “jack-of-all-trades” in the design industry. Throughout the season we saw him paint, what judge Genevieve Gorder referred to as, the best stripe she’s ever seen. (He may have also been called a Striping Magician.) Then, he installed a kitchen backsplash on his own, receiving high praise from the judges: “It was the best kitchen backsplash I have ever seen done on the show,” Vern said. Going into the finale, he wanted to show the judges he had a sophisticated and luxurious design side to him. And that’s just what he did. “This space has so many really good, sophisticated moments that show luxury and an sense of escape,” Genevieve said about his hotel suite makeover.

Find out what Jeribai has to say about making it to the finale, plus hear the judges’ take on his design style.

Watch Jeribai’s Exit Interview

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Jul 18

Caption This: Finale!

This Sunday’s HGTV Star finale is going to bring back seven old friends and two new ones. I’m sure you can guess who. Our final three designers will be going into their last challenge with the help of their former Star competitors and the guidance of everyone’s favorite brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. As you can tell, Tiffany is a bit shocked when the twins walk into her suite. Write your best caption in the comments below.

HGTV Star Tiffany Brooks

HGTV Star’s Tiffany Brooks meets Jonathan Scott

Watch the HGTV Star finale this Sunday, July 21 at 8/7c. Then, tune into the premiere of HGTV’s newest competition series, Brother Vs. Brother at 10/9c that same night.

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Jul 15

Design Star How-To: Create a Graphic Focal Wall With Trim

Hey, Design Star fans! It’s time for another how-to project inspired by the design elements featured on Design Star.  This time, we’re taking on Britany’s signature graphic wall. Remember this geometric pattern from the season premiere?

Britany's Design Star Geometric Focal Wall

She also recreated the look in her (winning!) yellow-inspired condo in this week’s episode.

Britany's Blue and White Graphic Wall

We asked contributor and Design Star producer Brian Patrick Flynn to recreate Britany’s graphic wall treatment and show you how to recreate it at home. Here’s his finished product:

Graphic Focal Wall How-to by Brian Patrick Flynn

See how he recreated Britany’s look, step-by-step:

Get the full how-to instructions for the graphic wall here, and learn how to create more projects seen on Design Star in our Design Star How-To Gallery.

Jul 13

Ask the Producer: Episode 7

Design Star Season 7 Cast

Producer Loren Ruch With the Season Seven Cast + Guest Meg Caswell

Each week, I chat with Design Star producer Loren Ruch about what we didn’t see on the show. This week, do the designers choose what they wear on the show? Plus: Find out how Meg felt when she returned to the DS set.

From Parebernet on the blog: As I watch each episode, I often wonder if a TV stylist helps the designers choose their on-air wardrobes. Are they simply given general guidelines on what to wear (or not to wear), or does someone actually help them throughout the challenges (beyond hair and makeup)?
Hello, Parebernet! All of our Design Star designers are 10o percent responsible for their own wardrobes, hair and makeup for the entire season. We had no one helping them at all (except for when they were on The Talk). I approve all of their interview outfits in advance and the outfits they wear in the show open, but other than that it’s totally up to them to dress themselves.

Meg has been the reigning Design Star for a little less than a year now…did being on-set bring back any fun/not fun memories for her?
I’m on set with Meg right now, so I asked her your question directly! She said that coming back to Design Star brought back two sets of memories and emotions for her. One was total and ultimate fear when she stepped into the evaluation studio. She said she had literally blocked out the ‘fear’ that she had felt from that part of the process until she stepped back in it…so it gave her a bit of a stomach ache! However, that feeling was overridden by the incredible love and support she received from Vern and Gen when she was on the show this year. She said that it ended up being so much fun being on the other side of the process – and that Gen and Vern made her feel like she was truly a member of the HGTV family!

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Jul 11

David on Ep 7: “What, Do We Live in a Forest? No.”

David Delivers the Challenge

HGTV’s king of color pinpoints the biggest mistakes in the designers’ condos. Plus, who impressed him most during their live segment on The Talk and what it takes to be a good TV host.

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Jul 11

Guest Judge Meg on Ep 7: “It Was Difficult…Judging Them”

Guest Judge Meg Caswell

Season six winner (and last night’s guest judge) Meg Caswell talks about why it was hard to be on the other side of the elimination table, and what she remembers most from this point in the competition.

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Jul 10

Episode 7 Recap

Design Star Contestants on The Talk
This is it, folks: We’re down the final four. This week, the remaining designers struck out on their own with an individual challenge: design a living space in a newly-built condo using a bright color as inspiration. They also had to test their performance chops on live TV with a design demo on CBS’s The Talk.  So, let’s have our own little roundtable about what went down.

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Jul 9

Caption This: Episode 7

This week, the final four designers face off as they decorate condos from the ground up and test their on-camera skills in front of a live audience. But they’re not the only ones facing off: What’s going on in this picture with David, the design panel and guest judge and Design Star season 6 winner Meg Caswell? Write your best caption in the comments below.

The Final Four Designers and Judges Face Off

Jul 6

Sneak Peek: Episode 7

Final Four Designers With Host David Bromstad

This week, the final four take on their first small space challenge: Create a colorful condo living room. The camera challenge stakes are higher, too, as each contestant must give a decorating tip in front of a live studio audience on CBS’s The Talk. But will the pressure be too much for some contestants? See a sneak peek of the action after the jump.

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