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Jul 14

Brother Vs. Brother: Did the Right Contestant Win?

Now that the second season of Brother Vs. Brother is officially over, it’s time to weigh in: Did you agree with Drew and Jonathan’s choice?

Brother Vs. Brother Final Elimination

Watch JD’s interview with the winner, then weigh in below.

Watch the Winner’s Interview

Brother vs Brother
Jul 12

The Final Four: Relive Their Journeys With JD

Only one more day before the season two finale of Brother Vs. Brother! It seems like just yesterday that 10 contestants met to battle it out for a chance to win $50,000 (and a slice of cake.) Now, only four remain: Three on Team Drew and one on Team Jonathan.

Brother Vs. Brother Finalists - HGTV Instagram

Instagram Photo by ericeremita

JD takes you through the highs and lows that brought Melissa, Eric, Rick and Adi to the finale.

See Their Journeys

Brother vs Brother
Jul 11

Team Jonathan Vs. Team Drew: Fans Get Creative!

You’ve all been showing support for your favorite Brother Vs. Brother teams all season long with the hashtags #TeamJonathan and #TeamDrew. (Currently, Jonathan is in the lead with 53 percent to Drew’s 47 percent.) But some fans (and the brothers) went above and beyond! See some of our favorite shows of support below, then check out more favorites on our Brother Vs. Brother Pinterest board.

Here, Jonathan poses in front of a fabulous Las Vegas…I mean Team Jonathan…sign:

Team Jonathan on Brother Vs. Brother

Meanwhile, Drew isn’t above recruiting Jonathan’s dogs, Gracie and Stewie, to his team! Here, they pose on a Team Drew welcome mat.

Brother Vs Brother - Team Drew

Some houses are dividing their support (and wardrobe inspiration) like Twitter fan @ReviewsSheROTE:

Brother Vs. Brother - A House Divided

Others brought out their crafting skills to show support, like Twitter fan @chrstinemkerns:

Brother Vs. Brother - Team Jonathan
Team Jonathan’s supporters are an artistic group! Twitter fan @DSWalk1 says, “Come on, who wouldn’t want to cruise around in the #TeamJonathan Machine?!?”

Brother VS. Brother - Team Jonathan
Some of you came up with predictions, like fans @sil_voto and @votoalice.  They’re rooting for Team Drew’s Eric and Team Jonathan’s Rick.

Brother VS. Brother - Who Will Win?
Here’s another Eric supporter…his wife, Joanne. She got her nails painted, ahem, Drew blue in support of the team.

Brother VS. Brother - Team Drew
Twitter fan @DarleneAlvarez prefers her morning coffee with a side of #TeamJonathan:

Brother VS. Brother - Team Jonathan
And last season’s winner, David Font, took his #TeamDrew support all the way to Key West.

Season 1 Brother Vs. Brother Winner David Font

 Who do you think will win it all this year? And which brother will be the fan favorite? Keep voting for #TeamJonathan and #TeamDrew.

Brother vs Brother
Jul 11

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Finale

In less than three days, there will be a new champion of Brother Vs. Brother. Can you believe it?

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Finale

The Final Four: Adi, Rick, Melissa and Eric

As you know, Adi is the sole survivor of Team Jonathan, while Team Drew has a crew of three with Rick, Melissa and Eric. The brothers really like to keep things fair (aren’t they sweet?!), so they sent Rick back to Team Jonathan, making both teams nice and even.

Rick and Adi are back in action, as if they were never on competing teams. And as always, we’re wondering: “Will Adi finish the project?!” Over on Team Drew, tensions are running high. Eric seemingly takes control of, well, everything, leaving Melissa in tears of frustration. Talk about a can’t-miss finale!

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Finale >>

Brother vs Brother
Jul 8

Exit Interview: Team Jonathan is Down to One

Team Jonathan just keeps dwindling down…

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Episode 5

Team Jonathan’s Peggy and Adi at elimination.

On Sunday night’s episode of Brother Vs. Brother, Jonathan had to send home yet another skilled teammate. Now he’s heading into the finale with a crew of one. When it came down to the elimination, Jonathan decided to keep Adi, the experienced craftsman. Peggy’s exit left even Adi emotional. “Peggy surprised me. She’s proved that if you work hard and if you believe in yourself, you can make it all the way to the end,” says Adi.

Hear what Peggy has to say following her difficult exit, plus take a look back at her top moments throughout the season.

Watch Peggy’s Exit Interview >>

Brother vs Brother
Jul 8

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 5

Each week all season long, I’ll chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. This week: How many cameras are there on set? And does an injury give one team an unfair advantage?

HGTV Online Host JD Scott With All the Brother Vs. Brother Contestants

Online Host JD Scott With All the Contestants

Blog reader DBCoop asks, “If one of the contestants becomes ill or injured, are the other team members allowed to be given extra help either from Jonathan or Drew, or provided with a temporary fill-in worker?”
Great question!  The Brothers can work as much as they possibly want to, so Jonathan and Drew can certainly jump on in, but we don’t offset the injured/ill contestant with any additional labor other than that. Since it’s a competition, we want to keep things as fair as possible, and we think that the best way to do that is to leave the renovations in the hands of the contestants and the Brothers.

Blog reader Virginia King says, “I like the Brothers, however, I would enjoy seeing them mix it up with the Cousins!” Have you ever thought about adding additional HGTV personalities to the show?
What a fun idea… Brothers vs. Cousins!  I’ll discuss this with the HGTV Programming team and see what everyone thinks!  I like the way you think, Virginia.

How many cameras do you have shooting the action at any given moment for Brother Vs. Brother?
We have six cameras on set on the day of the Challenge Assignment that you see at the top of the show.  And then those same six cameras come back for the evaluation at the end of the show.  In the middle of the show when you are seeing most of the heavy lifting going on, we have six cameras as well, but they are divided with three in one house and three in the other.

Many Cameras on the Set of Brother Vs. Brother

What was the funniest or most memorable experience from the filming of this episode?
By far, the most memorable moment was when the glass block came shattering through the kitchen window when Rick and Eric were working on that project together.  It was quite scary, and an absolute miracle that no one was seriously injured. Go behind the scenes with JD to learn more about this season’s streak of injuries >>

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

Brother vs Brother
Jul 7

Peek Inside the Contestants’ Notebooks – Episode 205

Another week, another look into the contestants’ thoughts and sketches from their on-set notebooks. In this season’s fifth episode, Drew and Jonathan’s squads were challenged to revamp tired ranch-style homes. Team Jonathan started off this challenge with one fewer teammate, but Adi and Peggy were determined not to the let the 2-on-3 race get the best of them.

Brother Vs. Brother - Contestants' Notebooks on

Over on Team Jonathan, Adi reflects on the coming challenge and the loss of teammate Stayce:

Adi’s Team Jonathan Notebook – Brother Vs. Brother

With a positive mental attitude, Adi and Peggy share the responsibility of renovating their home’s kitchen and living area. Over on Team Drew, an extra hand have Eric, Melissa and Rick a leg up to remodel the same two areas. An early win in the episode’s mini challenge also gave them their pick of home and a day’s work from a subcontractor.  In the kitchen, the team created a rustic wine rack. Here’s an early sketch of the project:

Team Jonathan Wine Rack - Brother Vs. Brother

Rick worked on the home’s fireplace, adding value with herringbone tile and built-in storage units. Here’s a rough sketch of the living room’s fireplace wall:

Rick - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

See the finished designs, plus revisit both home’s before pictures, in this week’s stunning photo gallery.

Behind-the-Scenes Dish
Jul 7

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 5

The on-call EMT has certainly become a well-known “crew member” this season on Brother Vs. Brother. Between Adi’s leg, Rick’s fingers (not shown) and Eric’s head, the injuries have started stacking up pretty quickly.

Brother Vs. Brother Episode 5

While trying to remove a glass cube from the kitchen wall, it explodes on Eric.

If you saw our last “Ask the Producer” post, producer Loren Ruch reiterated the importance of safety on set. Although an injury-free season is the ultimate goal, construction is a dangerous game. Why has this season been so injury prone? “They’re fighting so hard that they’re sacrificing their bodies,” says talent coordinator Mike Greggs.

Online host and older bro JD Scott talks to the brothers and the on-call EMT about this season’s injuries. See what they have to say about the minor setbacks that have affected both teams.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 5 >>

Brother vs Brother
Jul 3

Sneak Peek: A Look Into Episode 5

One episode, you all. We’re ONE episode away from the season finale of Brother Vs. Brother. Time flies when you’re on a value-adding spree.

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Episode 5

Jonathan and Drew holding JD

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Episode 5

The teams power through the mini challenge.

On this Sunday’s episode, it’s two against three but Team Jonathan is still as confident as ever. This challenge only features a few moments of remodeling drama: shattered glass accompanied with a minor injury (not Adi) and some overlooked structural problems that slow things down … a lot. Take a look:

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 5 >>

Brother vs Brother
Jul 1

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 4

Each week all season long, I’ll chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. This week: Was Adi really that calm? And, what was behind the team switcheroo decision? Read on to find out.

Blog reader Deb asks, “Are there safety rules the contestants are required to follow while working in the homes? I see a lot of jewelry (on both genders) that would not have been allowed on construction projects I managed years ago. That got me wondering more about safety in general.”
You better believe it! We are fanatical about safety on our set. Goggles and masks must be warn when appropriate, and we have a general contractor on site making sure that no one is operating any equipment in a way that seem obviously dangerous. It’s always my personal goal to have an injury-free season.

Jonathan and Peggy on Brother Vs. Brother Episode 4 Set

Peggy and Jonathan Demo Their Colonial Home

Moving Rick to Team Drew was quite the twist! What was behind the decision to even out the teams? How did the teams adjust to the change?
This decision came purely from Drew and Jonathan. They didn’t want ‘gameplay’ to take the place of a good fair competition. So instead of having terribly unbalanced teams, they wanted all of the contestants to have an equal chance of proving themselves. I have to say that I agreed wholeheartedly with their decision to do this.

Team Drew Scott on Brother Vs. Brother Season 2

The New Team Drew: Melissa, Eric, Rick

Did the two homes have an identical layout? The upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms had many of the same features.
They were basically the same home.  There were some differences in finishes, etc., but for all intents and purposes they were extremely similar to each other.

Adi’s leg wound looked pretty serious, but he appeared to handle it amazingly well. Was he that calm and cool on the set?
Ironically, no. There’s one shot in the show where he looks strangely calm, but in reality I think he was about to faint! He did recover quickly, but it was tense there for a moment!

What was the most memorable or funniest moment from the set of episode four?
It’s a very little thing but my favorite moment was shooting our web tosses with JD and the Brothers. There were outtakes galore, and often we needed to reshoot perfectly good takes because the crew was laughing so hard.

JD Scott Interview Brothers Jonathan and Drew

JD Scott Interview Brothers Jonathan and Drew

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

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