Brother vs Brother
Jun 30

Peek Inside the Contestants’ Notebooks – Episode 204

Another week, another set of revealing behind-the-scenes looks into the contestants’ private notebooks. This week, Team Jonathan was delivered a curve ball when the hosts agreed to send a even out the teams by sending someone to Drew’s squad. Team Drew chose Rick, leaving it an even three on three.
Brother Vs. Brother Notebooks Episode 204

Eager to find a place on Team Drew, Rick took on the budget for this challenge, as well as the colonial home’s guest bedroom. You can see his initial spending breakdowns, below:

Team Drew Budget - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

Having conquered a kitchen, living room and master suite, Melissa took on the home’s horribly dated master bathroom. Here, she sketches out her design plan:

Bath Drawing - Brother Vs. Brother - Team Drew

Perennial bathroom fixer Eric decided to transform the home’s master bedroom into a glamorous, Old Hollywood-style space. Here’s the sketch that started it all:

Master Bedroom Floor Plan - Team Drew - Brother Vs. Brother

Over on Team Jonathan, the unexpected loss of a teammate left them all reeling. Another (literal) blow? Adi was injured while removing the (ugly green) carpet in the home’s master bathroom.

Brother Vs. Brother - Team Jonathan - Adi

On the mend, he realized that Team Drew regards him as a tough competitor:

Team Jonathan - Adi - Brother Vs. Brother

To see the finished renovations from both houses, check out our recap photo gallery.

Flipping the Block
Jun 25

Scott McGillivray & Nicole Curtis Bring Expert Advice to Flipping the Block

You’ve met Flipping the Block host Josh Temple and online host David Bromstad. But wait — there’s even more HGTV star power in this summer’s all-new renovation showdown! Each week, Income Property host Scott McGillivray or Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis will offer their remodeling expertise to all four teams, then ultimately decide the winner of each week’s challenge.

Flipping the Block Host Josh Temple, Online Host David Bromstad and Judge/Expert Scott McGillivray

Host Josh Temple, Online Host David Bromstad and Judge/Expert Scott McGillivray

Scott brings more than a decade of smart, value-adding renovations to investment properties, while Nicole brings a passion for giving historic properties new life.

Flipping the Block Stars Josh Temple, Nicole Curtis and David Bromstad

Josh Temple, Judge/Expert Nicole Curtis, David Bromstad

Time and budget restrictions mean the four teams will have to work even harder to impress Scott and Nicole. “These teams do not have the luxury of time or an endless budget — they must rely on the experience that helped them get here and deliver results that real home buyers will want,” said Nicole in a recent press release for the show.

What will Scott be looking for in the renovations? “As a judge, I’m most concerned with the room’s finished look, the quality of the work and the overall value each team adds to the condo,” said Scott in the same release.

What do you hope Scott and Nicole bring to Flipping the Block? What questions do you have for these huge HGTV stars? Let us know in the comments below.

Brother vs Brother
Jun 25

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 3

Each week all season long, I’ll chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. This week: Why Craftsman homes? And, did Drew send the right contestants home? Read on to find out.

Brother Vs. Brother Producer With Property Brothers and Love it Or List It Hosts

Old houses have tons of character, but tend to have more underlying problems than newer properties, like the knob and tube wiring in Team Jonathan’s house. What made you choose these properties for the episode?
I always try to listen to our viewers, and last year I received a bunch of emails asking us to shake up the types of properties featured in Brother vs Brother for this season, so we decided a great way to do that would be to show Craftsman homes, ranchers, tract homes, bungalows, etc.  We had no idea that this particular home would have so many issues below the surface, so it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to Team Jonathan.

Sadly, Drew had to eliminate Six and Thomas! Why do you think he chose Eric and Melissa as the two team members going forward?
Drew thought that Eric and Melissa worked really well together, so they made a natural fit going forward. Six is incredibly talented, but was becoming more of a lone wolf, and Thomas was starting to seem exhausted from the competition, so ultimately, I think he made the right choice. Do you?

What was your favorite behind-the-scenes or funny moment from the set of episode three?
This was probably our most intense episode of the whole season. Hilary and David took forever to crunch their numbers because they were so incredibly close.  One house had more aesthetic qualities, the other was more impressive behind-the-walls. We’ve never had that dichotomy before, so it was a long and tiresome conversation to determine the values of these properties. In the end, Jonathan eeked out the win, but all of us behind the scenes were on the ends of our seats! I have to say, I was surprised that Jonathan won this one.  Based on purely visual spaces, I liked Drew’s house more, but that’s what makes this competition so exciting to watch!  On a lighter note, we had a lot of inappropriate ‘rooster’ jokes behind-the-scenes.  I will leave those to your imagination.

Have a question for Loren? Ask him in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

Brother vs Brother
Jun 24

Exit Interviews: It’s Double Elimination Time

Brother Vs Brother Third Elimination

Left: Team Jonathan | Right: Team Drew

I really hope you all have caught up, because there’s a spoiler coming your way. Sunday’s episode of Brother Vs. Brother brought a whole different set of challenges to the contestants; they had not only the stress of the renovation on their hands, but the worry of a double elimination on their shoulders, too. One team is heading into the fourth challenge with a crew of four, while the other is left with two.

Online host and older brother JD Scott was on set during and after the double elimination to chat with both contestants about their time on the show and thoughts on going home. And for the first time in Brother Vs. Brother history, a contestant actually volunteered to leave. Find out all the details:

Watch Team Drew’s Double Exit Interviews >>

Behind-the-Scenes Dish
Jun 23

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 3

Double elimination means double the stress on both Team Jonathan and Team Drew. With not just one but TWO people heading home after the third challenge, tensions were higher than ever during the renovations.

Drew, JD and Jonathan Scott - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

Drew, JD and Jonathan Scott

Online host and older brother JD Scott was on the set to capture the tension and all the behind-the-scenes drama. Take a look…

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 203

Brother vs Brother
Jun 22

Peek Inside the Contestants’ Notebooks – Episode 203

Last week, we gave you the first look inside the contestants’ personal notebooks. Ready for another look? This week, see early sketches of rival kitchens. Plus: Contestants react to the challenge and the daunting double elimination.

Brother Vs. Brother - Inside the Contestants' Notebooks

Go Inside Episode 203 (Spoiler Alert!)

Brother vs Brother
Jun 18

Sneak Peek: Get Ready for Episode 3 of Brother Vs. Brother

It’s 4 on 4 as the competition gets tougher on Brother vs. Brother. It’s an even one win to one between Team Jonathan…

Team Jonathan

…and Team Drew.

Team Drew on Brother Vs. Brother

Team Drew

But, a twist in episode three will give this episode’s winning team a HUGE advantage. Read on to find out more and get a sneak peek of this weeks’ remodels.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 3

Brother vs Brother
Jun 17

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Episode 2

Each week all season long, I’ll chat with Brother Vs. Brother producer Loren Ruch about his favorite on-set moments and what you didn’t see on TV. This week: All about episode 2.

Brother Vs. Brother Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott With Flip or Flop Hosts

Jonathan, Loren, “Flip or Flop” stars Christina and Tarek, Drew

Blog reader Diana Howard asks, “How do you choose the houses they use in the show?”
We have a fantastic Locations team that searches for great houses and homeowners.  We usually start our search for homeowners on our Be On HGTV page, and then narrow down our search from there. For Brother vs Brother all of the homeowners are in the LA area, but this is also a great resource for people all around the country who want to be on our other shows as well.

Blog reader suecogswell asks, “Having all three brothers together, how much work actually gets done?”
The brothers are workhorses, so a lot of work actually gets done.  However, they are also practical jokers (as is evident in episode 2) so there are also a lot of laughs on set!  JD was a great addition to the show, and loosened everyone up with his fun and casual behind-the-scenes interviews.

Melissa struggled with the budget this week. Is there a producer who helps to manage the budget from behind-the-scenes, or is it totally up to the contestants?
Great question!  Because it’s a competition, it’s up to the teams to manage their own budgets.  However, we have producers making sure that they are adding all of their costs up correctly and staying within budget.

Any other fun or memorable moments from episode 2 on set?
Team Drew’s house was in pretty bad shape before they got around to remodeling it.  I remember several of the contestants saying they were afraid to use one of the bathrooms because it felt like Dexter had spent time in it! We laughed a lot about that.

Have a question for Loren? Ask in the comments below — he may just answer you next week!

Brother vs Brother
Jun 17

Exit Interview: First to Go on Team Jonathan

With Team Jonathan’s first loss comes its first loss of a teammate, as well. The first to go? Joe.

Joe goes home from Team Jonathan on Brother Vs. Brother

His ambitious plan to build a huge built-in cabinet and a kitchen island in just three days was his downfall. “You have to finish everything you start…I love Joe’s ideas, I love everything he does, but he just takes on too much,” mentor Jonathan says.

“Building a cabinet like that in three days is ludicrous, and I still did it. I shouldn’t have,” Joe says. Joe’s elimination means that the “team within a team” he formed with his brother, Rick, is no more. Of course, Rich took Joe’s elimination pretty hard. “I don’t think Joe deserves to go home. He’s the reason why I got into this competition, ” Rick says.

See JD Scott’s full interview with Rick, Joe, Jonathan and the whole team.

Watch Rick’s Exit Interview >>

Brother vs Brother
Jun 16

Brother Vs. Brother Behind the Scenes: Episode 2

Even with tight remodeling deadlines, the Scott Brothers always make time for a little fun on set. This week, Drew and Jonathan pulled a classic twin prank: The ol’ switcheroo!

Drew Scott and JD Scott - Brother Vs. Brother on HGTV

Behind-the-Scenes Reporter JD Interviews the Real Drew

Older bro JD wasn’t fooled, but he was on set to capture the behind-the-scenes fun. See his recap of the swap after the jump.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 2

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