Flipping the Block
Jul 20

Flipping the Block: Which Bedroom Did You Like Best?

Did you tune in to the premiere episode of Flipping the Block? Tonight, we met all 8 loveable competitors, and we got a look at the (truly awful) condos they’ll be living in as they remodel. They have everything: Bugs, brown water, holes in the walls..oh yeah, and lots of potential. After crafting a temporary sleep space with air mattresses, each team got to work on the first challenge: The master bedroom. Here’s a peek at the designs from each team:

Bedroom Designs: Flipping the Block on HGTV

Which bedroom renovation did you prefer: Black Team Whitney and John, Red Team Anicka and Shauna, Silver Team Curtis and Amanda or Blue Team Brian and Craig? Cast your vote in the comments below, then check back tomorrow for before-and-after photos and behind-the-scenes videos with David Bromstad.

Flipping the Block
Jul 18

Flipping the Block: Series Premiere Sneak Peek

Would you sign up to spend 8 weeks of your life on an HGTV renovation show — without knowing the premise or the prize? That’s exactly what the four brave Flipping the Block teams did: Until they set foot on the Flipping the Block property, they had no idea that they would be renovating run-down condos…and living in the construction dust.

Flipping the Block Contestants Arrive at The Block

How did they deal with the news? Well…some people handled it better than others. Click through to watch their reactions to the dirty, run-down properties, and see what else is coming up on Sunday’s premiere.

See a Sneak Peek of Sunday’s Episode

Flipping the Block
Jul 18

Ask the Flipping the Block Producer: Get to Know the Show

You know him from Brother Vs. Brother and Design Star — now go behind the scenes of the all-new competition series Flipping the Block with producer Loren Ruch. Each week, he’ll share his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and what you didn’t see on TV. Plus, he’ll answer your questions about the show! Just in time for Sunday’s premiere, here’s his take on the exciting new show.

Flipping the Block 2014 - Go Behind the Scenes on Set

Behind-the-Scenes Host David Bromstad Interviews Loren on Set

What’s the story behind this new HGTV show? What’s this show’s relationship to the Australian hit, “The Block”?
The premise of the show Flipping the Block is that four teams of talented competitors get the opportunity to flip four identical condos…all while living in them! These places were absolute DUMPS, so that made the challenge even more difficult. Basically, they turned a rundown complex into a modern day Melrose Place. This is the US-version of the highly popular Australian show called The Block.

How did you narrow down the pool of applicants to the final group of 8? What qualities were you looking for in pairings?
We had almost 1000 people (500 teams) apply to be on the show. We wanted a variety of applicants from different regions, backgrounds, skill sets, and relationships. We have a team with twin brothers, a team with sisters, a newly dating couple, and newlyweds — so there’s a little bit of everything. As for skill sets, we made sure that all of the teams had some level of tool skills, real estate knowledge, or design capabilities so that there would not be an obvious winner, and it could be anyone’s game.

How much did the contestants know before going into this experience? When did they learn about the true premise of the show?
They didn’t know ANYTHING about living in the properties. All they knew was that they were going to appear on an all-new HGTV renovation show! That made the first moment when they saw the Block that much more shocking and exciting!

How did HGTV find the properties being renovated for this project? What were you looking for in the property itself?
We had a real estate expert scour the LA market looking for the perfect property. When she found this four-plex in Glendale we knew it was our perfect pick because all four units were identical, and the places were run down enough that there was room for real transformation.

How did you choose Scott McGillivray and Nicole Curtis as the show’s judges?
This was a no-brainer to me. Scott is the absolute king of everything ‘real estate’ and Nicole is one of our biggest stars with an incredible knowledge of historical preservation -and– house flipping. Combined, they were the perfect choices to real advise and ultimately judge each week’s challenge.

Have a question for Loren? Ask in the comments below.

Flipping the Block
Jul 17

Flipping the Block Premieres This Sunday!

The wait is finally over: HGTV’s all-new series Flipping the Block premieres this Sunday, July 20 at 9/8c. Tune in to meet the 4 teams you’ll come to know and love (trust me!) and hang out with HGTV faves like judge Scott McGillivray, host Josh Temple and digital reporter David Bromstad.

Flipping the Block Premiere

Scott McGillivray, Josh Temple and David Bromstad on Set

This all-new competition series will follow 4 duos as they renovate and decorate 4 identical condos — all while living in the construction dust! Sound exciting? Oh, just wait until you see this:

Once the (crazy bad!) condos have been totally transformed, they’ll be sold at a live auction to the highest bidders. The team with the highest sale price will take home the ultimate prize: $50,000 dollars, plus, of course, serious bragging rights.

So, will you be watching? Tune in this Sunday, July 20, at 9/8c.

Brother vs Brother
Jul 16

Ask the Producer: Brother Vs. Brother Finale!

Congratulations to our newest Brother Vs. Brother champion, Melissa! We’ve got one final round of questions and answers with producer Loren Ruch. See his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and observations from the final episode.

Jonathan, Drew and Producer Loren With Brother Vs. Brother Winner Melissa

Jonathan, Drew and Producer Loren With Winner Melissa

Blog reader DB Coop asks: “So what’s to keep Jonathan from sneaking over to his team’s assigned house late at night and secretly powering through all kinds of value-added renovation work? Seriously though, to keep the competition fair and balanced, are both teams held strictly to the same time clock each day or do they have some leeway into how many hours they can put in?”

Good question! Yes, both teams are kept on the exact same time clock. They start at the exact same time and end at the exact same time. We have producers at both houses who are in communication with each other to make sure that this is 100% fair and accurate.

Blog reader Deb asks: “Who makes the final decision on the winner once the judges select the final winning team? If the twins choose the winner, who breaks the tie if they disagree? Please tell me it’s not rock, paper, scissors or selection by puppy.”
Puppies are cute, but they don’t decide the winner. Here’s how it works…The guest judges decide which TEAM wins and which TEAM loses. But then the Brother of the losing team ultimately decides who goes home. For the finale episode, Jonathan and Drew decide the winner of the series together. They go through a recap of each of the episodes throughout the season including the finale, and then choose the person they think should win. They have never disagreed so far, but the rules of the show make the brother whose team won the tie-breaking vote for the finale.

Why do you think Jonathan and Drew ultimately chose Melissa as the winner?
I truly think they liked her design sensibilities, teamwork, sense of humor, and work ethic. It was a close call but in the end they thought she contributed just a bit more than Eric.

What was the funniest or most memorable moment from the filming of the finale?
In all honesty, poor Hilary had a terrible eye infection in her right eye, so if you watch the show closely or carefully you’ll notice that her head is turned in a profile for the entire show! I felt terrible for her at the time, but now that I watch the series I’m blown away by the fact that she was brilliant enough to keep her head angled of the whole evaluation!

Have a question for Loren? Ask in the comments below.

Brother vs Brother
Jul 14

Brother Vs. Brother: Did the Right Contestant Win?

Now that the second season of Brother Vs. Brother is officially over, it’s time to weigh in: Did you agree with Drew and Jonathan’s choice?

Brother Vs. Brother Final Elimination

Watch JD’s interview with the winner, then weigh in below.

Watch the Winner’s Interview

Brother vs Brother
Jul 12

The Final Four: Relive Their Journeys With JD

Only one more day before the season two finale of Brother Vs. Brother! It seems like just yesterday that 10 contestants met to battle it out for a chance to win $50,000 (and a slice of cake.) Now, only four remain: Three on Team Drew and one on Team Jonathan.

Brother Vs. Brother Finalists - HGTV Instagram

Instagram Photo by ericeremita

JD takes you through the highs and lows that brought Melissa, Eric, Rick and Adi to the finale.

See Their Journeys

Brother vs Brother
Jul 11

Team Jonathan Vs. Team Drew: Fans Get Creative!

You’ve all been showing support for your favorite Brother Vs. Brother teams all season long with the hashtags #TeamJonathan and #TeamDrew. (Currently, Jonathan is in the lead with 53 percent to Drew’s 47 percent.) But some fans (and the brothers) went above and beyond! See some of our favorite shows of support below, then check out more favorites on our Brother Vs. Brother Pinterest board.

Here, Jonathan poses in front of a fabulous Las Vegas…I mean Team Jonathan…sign:

Team Jonathan on Brother Vs. Brother

Meanwhile, Drew isn’t above recruiting Jonathan’s dogs, Gracie and Stewie, to his team! Here, they pose on a Team Drew welcome mat.

Brother Vs Brother - Team Drew

Some houses are dividing their support (and wardrobe inspiration) like Twitter fan @ReviewsSheROTE:

Brother Vs. Brother - A House Divided

Others brought out their crafting skills to show support, like Twitter fan @chrstinemkerns:

Brother Vs. Brother - Team Jonathan
Team Jonathan’s supporters are an artistic group! Twitter fan @DSWalk1 says, “Come on, who wouldn’t want to cruise around in the #TeamJonathan Machine?!?”

Brother VS. Brother - Team Jonathan
Some of you came up with predictions, like fans @sil_voto and @votoalice.  They’re rooting for Team Drew’s Eric and Team Jonathan’s Rick.

Brother VS. Brother - Who Will Win?
Here’s another Eric supporter…his wife, Joanne. She got her nails painted, ahem, Drew blue in support of the team.

Brother VS. Brother - Team Drew
Twitter fan @DarleneAlvarez prefers her morning coffee with a side of #TeamJonathan:

Brother VS. Brother - Team Jonathan
And last season’s winner, David Font, took his #TeamDrew support all the way to Key West.

Season 1 Brother Vs. Brother Winner David Font

 Who do you think will win it all this year? And which brother will be the fan favorite? Keep voting for #TeamJonathan and #TeamDrew.

Brother vs Brother
Jul 11

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Finale

In less than three days, there will be a new champion of Brother Vs. Brother. Can you believe it?

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Finale

The Final Four: Adi, Rick, Melissa and Eric

As you know, Adi is the sole survivor of Team Jonathan, while Team Drew has a crew of three with Rick, Melissa and Eric. The brothers really like to keep things fair (aren’t they sweet?!), so they sent Rick back to Team Jonathan, making both teams nice and even.

Rick and Adi are back in action, as if they were never on competing teams. And as always, we’re wondering: “Will Adi finish the project?!” Over on Team Drew, tensions are running high. Eric seemingly takes control of, well, everything, leaving Melissa in tears of frustration. Talk about a can’t-miss finale!

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Finale >>

Brother vs Brother
Jul 8

Exit Interview: Team Jonathan is Down to One

Team Jonathan just keeps dwindling down…

Brother Vs. Brother Season 2 Episode 5

Team Jonathan’s Peggy and Adi at elimination.

On Sunday night’s episode of Brother Vs. Brother, Jonathan had to send home yet another skilled teammate. Now he’s heading into the finale with a crew of one. When it came down to the elimination, Jonathan decided to keep Adi, the experienced craftsman. Peggy’s exit left even Adi emotional. “Peggy surprised me. She’s proved that if you work hard and if you believe in yourself, you can make it all the way to the end,” says Adi.

Hear what Peggy has to say following her difficult exit, plus take a look back at her top moments throughout the season.

Watch Peggy’s Exit Interview >>

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