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The holidays have officially come and gone. And eventually we’re going to have to go back to work–but there’s also fun to be had come December 31. That’s where these two ideas come in.

First the work, yes work. CB2–Crate and Barrell’s younger, hipper, cheaper cousin–has the most hilarious way to put a little fun into your work day with their people pushpins ($4.95) Sort of like a voodoo doll with none of the HR disapproval.
Now for play. What could be cuter than the libertini cocktail glasses? At $2.95 each, you can definitely afford to splurge on something special to toast the New Year (If it comes down to it, get the bargain vodka. No one will know the difference if they’re sipping from something so stylish!) For heaven’s sake, they’re handblown cased glass and worth every penny. You’ve done so many nice things for people this year (haven’t you?) Live it up!

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