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Even if you haven’t seen a certain former VP’s movie yet, it’s clear that more Americans are into green living now more than ever. This blogger included. In fact as a native of Washington state (and child of hippies — the name gives it away), I consider myself a relatively crunchy gal. I recycle, I have a small car and definitely embrace mass transit. However, when I visited the Inconvenient Truth site and calculated my Personal Impact, I was horrified to find that I apparently consume nearly twice as much CO2 as my fellow citizens. This is largely due to the fact that I travel a lot, both for business and pleasure. Yeesh. Until I leave this gig for one at the FAA, there isn’t a lot I can do about airplane emissions but in the meantime I can pass along some tips from top experts. Starting with 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Green (hint: zippy new lightbulbs), and moving on to the more entertaining with Ed Begley Jr’s Top Tips. If you haven’t seen his new show yet, it’s great. Never before has an actor-turned-environmentalist irritated his wife so entertainingly. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun, emphasis on the fun.

Has the green movement hit your home yet? What, if anything, have you done to update your digs?



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  1. Hi Charity-
    Thanks so much for bringing green into your design dose. We try to use only sustainably harvested wood in the furniture we're making here in Vermont. Speaking of inconvenient truths, did you know that most of the wood furniture we see in stores is imported and much of that is illegally harvested? Mahogany, for example comes from the rainforest and is an endangered tree in many areas of the tropics. One thing your readers can do to help is look for an FSC label on their furniture and other wood products. FSC, the non-profit Forest Stewardship Council works with landowners and foresters to ensure their forests are well managed for a sustainable future. They are particularly concerned about saving the rainforest, which is where much imported wood comes from. There is even a Sustainable Furniture Council, SFC that is working alongside the FSC to try to educate consumers about the enormous impact their furniture decisions can have on the future of the rainforest and the world.

    Thanks for supporting green design,

    Peggy Farabaugh http://www.VermontWoodsStudios.com
    Fine Furniture from Sustainable Sources

  2. Jay says:

    While I do not believe that human beings are the major cause of global warming I do not believe we should just waste things.

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Charity,

    I moved from the Seattle Tacoma area to a rural area in North Eastern Washington. I was so surprised to find that recycling is not as important there. No curbside pick-up for recyclibles, no subtle notes from your waste management company if you include a glass bottle, can or plastic jug in with your regular garbage, on accident! Do they not know ( I am trying to make them more aware) that the trouble begins before the landfill is overflowing?
    The amount of logging in the area is disheartening and alarming.
    I miss Seattle and I miss the general theme here, that most of us seem to share and pass along to our children as easily as manners, and that is to share and respect the environement, and each other.

  4. Trina says:

    I like the show and has made me thinking about my tree hugging days before I became a mommy. I would love to start doing more again. What is hard is finding information. The 10 ways to become greener are great but I already do most of that. I would really like to see you post more information especially about the products you see on the show. Where do you find the rain barrel catchers? How do you turn a bike into something that can make toast? Explain better what a terra pass is and how do you get one. That type of information. I live in rural NC where they don't even have recycle collection. Help! Trina

  5. Jody says:

    I've moved from Chicago, IL (which is really getting it's act together on the green thing- thanks to Mayor Daley), to Greeneville, Tennessee (Home of Andrew Johnson, the 16th Pres.!) in rural East Tennessee. East Tennessee is decades behind the rest of the country on this stuff. Like Susan in North Eastern Washington, it appears that rural areas need a prod to get into recycling and are a long way away from solar panels, etc. (Although, I know of one – count them – one guy down here who built himself an active and passive solar straw bale home!)

    I'm not sure how many people down here are using compact flourencents, energy appliances, etc. but my guess would be a small number. The people down here are not well off and are downright stingy (way beyond frugal!).

    I have enjoyed watching Ed Begley's show – althoug his wife I find annoying. She needs to get with the green program or she's going to find a whole lot of women – myself included – are ready and willing to "live with Ed"!

    Thank goodness for Ed! I hope the show returns for another season and that Ed gets to introduce everyone to the other movers and shakers in the movement.

  6. Jim says:

    I for one have really enjoyed Ed Beagly's show, the fun banter between Ed and his wife make it that much more interesting to watch. Is there a place I can find the products he uses around his home? This kind of show is long overdue. The information and insight from a family actually living the green way I feel will spark the intrest of others to give at least one or more ideas they see on the show the old college try. Is there an email address to chat with Ed Beagly Jr. about living green, or does he have a news letter to be had??

  7. kenney says:

    I love Ed's show! I'm very interested in the recycled glass countertops, as we are thinking of replacing ours. Here are some things we do: public transportation, recycle, compact flourecents, air dry clothes, non-motorized lawn mower (no noise + no fumes!), cloth produce bags (recycledbags.com), solar oven, extra blankets/lower thermostat. We're looking at growing our own veggie garden and collecting our rain water for watering plants this summer.

    I live in Nashville Tennessee, and yes, everyone here is behind the times. A lot of people just don't care, and that is frustrating. A lot of people do not believe in global warming at all, which I find even MORE frustrating.

    HGTV – please keep this show running, and PLEASE show more reruns. There's still 2 episodes I've missed.

  8. sweet-sx says:

    Sorry, but what is mariburjeka?


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