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What does the color of your home say about you? According to our experts, plenty! To have a little fun, take a spin on the Color Code chart here and find out what it means if you decorate with pink (flirt!), green (witty) and more. Plus you’ll get decorating ideas for each color.

What do you think? Are we onto something here or is it a whole lotta nadda?

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18 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    I picked the color purple and red.It was shockingly right! I think your on to something.

  2. Sophia says:

    I just moved into my first apartment , My whole apartment is paint white, the Landlady is not about to change the colour and I am a gemini , I love comfort and to design help me

  3. Samantha says:

    I really like the hot pink. I am a pink person and i really think that pink brings out the best personality in people.

  4. liz says:

    i would like to know if red goes with a color called chilled wine.we u please let me know thanks

  5. Renee says:

    I love crisp new leaf green, paired with retro light aqua accents. It refreshes my mind and spirit. This article was fun and now I know that green truly reflects my personality.

  6. cynthia says:

    when we bought our home approx. 6 years ago every room was painted white. This was courtesy of our late aunt Luisa who bought and painted before we moved in. Luisa helped us with alot alot of things around our house before we could even move in. Stripping the yuky blue off of kitchen cabinets, pulling up 5 layers of rugs to expose hardwood floors, lest I forget stripping tarrish glue off of the dull hardwood floors. She was as helpful, enjoyed helping despite her frailing body, to her a favor was just that a favor not an exchange. If it weren't for her I don't think my family would have recognized the blessing of being able to be a homeowner. She just turned 63 christmas day made it through 4-5 bouts with cancer received the new year and departed us 1-2-07 to eternal rest. I recently started coloring each room not very daring at first-Kitchen egg shell with a grape vine border,grey little hallway between 2 bedrms and bath. Bath lower part old whitish plastic tile with black trim, upper part lavender stucco creation of my recently departed friend Ralph(he said it looked like and old taverns ladies room). He had alot of creative ideas having spent many years working in hotels and with many a chef in Vegas, his body just couldn't stick around to assist/create someone like me who needed some help. I got a bit off track as you may know it's not a single handed task to aquire a mortage and be able to decorate and fix all on ones own. Basically I got little creative with the encouragement of Ralph and HGTV of course and painted what is now my sons room with three walls painted solid and the accent wall with strokes from a piece of carpet. It's pretty sharp looking although we had to trade rooms with the boys because we could only fit one bed in their old bedroom and ours could fit a queen and twin. So I guess they get the sharp clay colore accent wall-I'll need to retouch the ceiling soon. I got stuck with the smaller room which fits snuggly our queen bed, chest,nightstand and squeezed in the two antique/lion feet folding chairs. What is funky about this room my girls and their friends inquire if we like the sports border and the tropy blue walls. Well I don't, however I was hoping on getting my old room back since it took me almost a year to save up for the comforter set with matching drapes after I found the greatest little pineapple lamps. Yes everything was based on the lamps and shades… now i'm stuck in the blue room. If you could send any ideas my way since I can no longer ask Ralph to Luisa I would appreciate it. My girls don't understand what I need because they say I don't communicate my wants/needs very well. I need a cozy enlighting color for a small room with I think is mahogony colored bedroom furniture. However thant can wait. What I really really need is a color for a very small entry which is at one end and the dining room which is at the other end. What is really important is this fact- the Living room which is between these rooms has recently been painted a light butter cream color, it looks very tranquil the crown molding is white (remember every thing was white before)and so is the non operable brick fireplace. Therefore after all of this the point is I need a color (to compliment the Living room)for the dining room and entry way. The dining room has a built in china cabinet in a light shade that matches the hardwood floors and also has crown molding with the roses and grapes. We need a color- So it flows and has a seperate room and flowing effect, I hope this doesn't sound contradicting.

    Ayudame- por favor- muchas gracias!
    I would appreciate any helpful idea you can send my way.

    Cynthia O. Torres
    Milwaukee, WI


  7. Alison says:

    I must be color-schizophrenic. We're moving into a new place in 3 weeks and I already have the painting plan in place. Red, yellow and tan for the LR, pink for the DR, blue for the BR and green for our nursery. Why choose one???

  8. Linda says:

    Help? I am going to paint the den (my husband likes white) I like ultra white but my whole house is going that way. It is a small house with small rooms. This is a small bedroom used as an office. The doors are the old fashion sort of honey colored (although I am thinking of painting them white also. I have a sort of honey colored also Dania desk and I have some white shelves and white picture frames. The carpet is a grey blue which eventually will go to hardwoods but not for awhile. I know they say if a room is small color makes it smaller. I painted my laundry room mineral red and it looks great. We are not that fond of pastels that much. Do you have any suggestions. I spend alot of time in that room. Or should I stick with the ultra white. ( I am not an off white fan or creme because it washes me out.) I really like bold colors but I don't want to over do. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am on a short time frame because the painters will be here within a week or so. (we had two trees come down on our house during a huge storm in the seattle area. so this is from the damage and repair. I love your shows and news letters. thank you for all your great ideas.

  9. KMT says:

    Every room in my home is a different color. Putting it simply my 16 year old calls it the rainbow house. I lived in an apartment with white walls for 9 years and now that I own my home the gloves have been taken off and color reigns!

  10. Christine says:

    My color choice is green. I Love mossy green and dark purple, which I have in my bedroom and bathroom. My kitchen is Royal blue and white. The connections are pretty accurate. My home is my sanctuary and my color choices reflect my personality.

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