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When it comes to putting the final touch on a room design, I always turn to the handmade. And when it comes to handmade and original, I can’t avoid mentioning Etsy. Just today I was scouting new pieces for my Etsy art collection (on my break, I swear!), when I came across this gem:

“tv boy pin” handmade by ditazol

TV Boy is now on his way to the United States from Chile, where he will take up permanent residence in my living room. If I’m brave, he just might accompany me to the office, posing conspicuously as a modern update of a 1950s brooch.

Like any handmade item, TV Boy is a conversation starter. Every room should have a “piece of personality” like TV Boy — an accessory with a history, or something you dearly love that’s not mass-produced. Something that gives others a peek at your personality through the things you surround yourself with.

What TV Boy says about my personality, I don’t even want to know. Here are some of my favorite handmade finds to help you find your own TV Boy.

“Spring Girls” ($48) handmade by tsktsk
These dolls are a stylish way to bring the Russian nesting doll trend into your home.

“Kup Kup carries treasures” ($38) handmade by kupkup
Bring Kup Kup Land into your home with Kup Kup, whose favorite food includes canned tuna fish.

“Irked Tofu Pincushion” ($6) handmade by buttonarcade
This little guy has the biggest personality of any tofu I’ve ever met.



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  1. ditazol says:

    thank you so much for your commentary. i hope that he has good reception (ojojoj)

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