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We’ve toured a lot of homes throughout HGTV’s history — and I do mean, a lot. Everything from the most extravagant to the smallest spaces imaginable. But it’s safe to say that there’s one design dilemma cited by HGTV designers as more common than all the rest, no matter the space or location. No surprise here — it’s chromophobia, the fear of color.

Are you content to keep your construction-white walls or are you simply mystified about which color will suit your space? Hey, it only took Pottery Barn 59 years before they ventured into the non-beige color spectrum with their home furnishings. There’s hope for you!

Designer color rooms
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  1. BiilYBonnYU says:

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  2. Gloria says:

    Hello there! I hope you can help me. I just ended an 11 year relationship and need to change things up and paint. I cannot afford new furniture or window coverings right now, but I am extremely tired of my large expanse of painter's grade rental apartment white/cream walls. Here are the two rooms I'd like to tackle to give my life a boost.

    The living room is L-shaped 30' x 24' with the balcony in the L. It has a large west-facing window, but because of the sun, the burgundy verticals are usually closed. My sofa/love seat are hunter green with a small linear design with gold and burgundy. The floor is parquet and my furniture is medium wood pine. The hallway abutting the livingroom is a mushroom/taupe colour. I was thinking of carring into the L/R, but my ex painting his the same colour, so I am looking now for something different.

    The other room that I would like to paint is the bedroom (for obvious reasons). The furniture is cherrywood and the verticals are the same burgundy ones as in the L/R. The room is approx. 14 x 12 and also has a west-facing window. Bedding varies from country blue/red/white quilt (light blue bed sheets), to light beige/rose/green more formal duvet cover (sage green sheets) and the other is all sage green.

    As you can see, with this life change, I need some help to update my surroundings with a change in atmosphere to help boost my spirits.

    I would appreciate any suggestions you may afford me to guide me in the right direction to picking new paint colours for these two rooms.

    Thank you very much!
    From – one who's starting a new life and needs a boost – G

  3. Christina says:

    Gloria, a soft golden yellow (with red undertones) in the living room will pop your furniture and bring out the rich tones in your pine furniture and parquet floor. It wil also bring a very cozy warmth to a big room.
    Your bedding sounds very country. You might try a typical country look by adding a chair rail and then using 2 colors – a light one above and a darker one below. A soft blue on the upper part of the wall with a darker blue below. Or a softer version of the living room gold above (to bring color flow into the house) with cream or sage green below.
    Been there. Good luck. C

  4. Karen says:

    Help! I've been trying to paint my diningroom for a couple weeks now. I have tried 7 different beiges on the walls and they all look gold, pink or orange. We just purchased a natural finished cherry diningroom table. The side chairs are a natural cherry with cream seats and the end chairs are dark brown leather. The floor is a cream tile. I would really like to accent the beauty of the table with a wall color that compliments it. I'm trying to warm up the room, because there is a lot of cream tile between the kitchen, diningroom, and foyer. All the woodwork, including the kitchen cabinets are a medium brown. We were thinking of painting the patio doors in the diningroom and trim a cream color. Any suggestions on a wall color? I'm totally stressed about it and can't afford to invest in any more paint samples.

  5. Julie says:

    Please advise! We're currently trying to get our house ready to sell, and since we've been living here, I haven't had a chance to decorate our master bedroom and bath. The walls, trim, and 4 doors are painted white, the carpet is a light beige.

    I'd like to brighten the room by putting some color on the walls, but have been told that it's best to keep colors neutral, and if I paint, to keep it a light or pale color to make the room look larger. I don't have a color scheme that I have to stick with (except that the bathroom tile is a light spring green & white), I just need to make a decision!

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