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Design HappensGuest Blogger: Chelsey Bowen, decorating editor, HGTV.com

Lately, we’ve showed you a lot green, eco-friendly designs, but I think it’s time we give the color green a little love. Green is often used to create a calming environment, but it can also infuse a space with natural energy, depending on the shade.

Dig in to some of my favorite green rooms on HGTV.

This whimsical nursery uses bright green walls as the backdrop for fun primary colors. Photo by KimJ

A green room infused with black and white takes this breakfast nook from Kermit to classy. Photo by Chelsea Ahlgrim

Since blue absorbs light, designer Constance Ramos uses a green with more yellow in it to brighten this cottage-style bedroom.

Soft greens used for the glass tile backsplash and cabinetry create a warm, Scandinavian atmosphere in this kitchen. Design by Beth Haley

In feng shui, the color green promotes growth, so designer Stephanie McWilliams uses the shade to create a wealth-enhancing home office.

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