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Although I don’t have nearly enough time to reply to the kind e-mails you send me, I do read every single one. And let me tell you: Many of you comment that you just don’t have style in your DNA.

I feel your pain. Decorating is hard enough when you lack time or resources, but I’m a big believer that everyone has an inner style voice: You just have to know how to get it to speak up! This is why I love HGTV. There are so many ways to get inspired and find your voice. Here’s some help for a few of you with common design questions.

coffee table arrangement
From SocalRachel on Rate My Space

“i have a round glass top coffee table/40″ round, and i just don’t what to put on top of it. do you have any ideas of what i could use to decorate the top?” — Jan

Round coffee tables are great because they usually have more surface area for showcasing accessories. The trick with a round — or any shape — coffee table is to make sure the arrangement you choose looks exciting from every perspective: from the top and 360 degrees around.

As to what to put on top, it all depends on your personal style. Do you have a collection? Do you like flowers? Do you enjoy reading books or magazines in the living room? See what fellow readers put on top of their coffee tables.

glass tile backsplash
From markbrownlee on Rate My Space

“does the backsplash have to match the counter top? We are doing a vanilla bean cabinet with a glaze and our counter top is in the earthtone shades, I saw a subway tile that was so beautiful but the color is pale green or pale blue (I love them both) but im afraid this would look odd since their isn’t any of those colors in the counter.” — Sandy

Sandy, don’t worry about the design police! Go with your gut. In my opinion, matchy-matchy is boring, and your combination sounds lovely and interesting. I’m a big fan of subway tile (so sleek!) especially in the mottled robin’s egg blue color. Take a cue from Candice Olson, who always comes up with interesting backsplashes that vary in material, or this beautiful kitchen from Rate My Space.

red kitchen cabinets
From LaurenThePartier on Rate My Space

“I have no idea why my boyfriend and I thought it would be a good idea to sand kitchen cabinets and stain them a sangria color. I guess its because I love red and we thought it would look beautiful.

But then, I painted the walls orange and green and now the kitchen looks like a Mexican restaurant. Nothing against that – I’m from Puerto Rico myself and love all the bright colors, but it just looks terrible. Since we don’t want to sand and stain the cabinets again (it was hard enough the first time), we want to just change the wall colors.” — Bethsabet

Sounds like a very festive kitchen! Red is a very competitive color when it comes to attention, and right now all the colors in your kitchen are so bold they probably make you feel uneasy. Paint the walls in your kitchen the same color to unify the space and give your eye a breather. I suggest light cream colors (like the above photo), off-white, gray or even a pale green to invoke a traditional/farmhouse style.

If the red is still overwhelming, try antiquing with a dark brown/black glaze. Be sure to test out your technique on a scrap piece of wood before you go to town on the real deal. Or if you want to commit to modern, slap some lacquer on those bad boys IKEA-style and paint your walls stark white.


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18 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    I have a small master bedroom with black furniture. What would be a good color to paint the walls for this room to seem larger but at the same time cozy.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I have a gold color sofa with dk brown or black flecks in it and My coffee table and end tables
    are a lt. oak color. my other furniture is a mishmash of colors which will be covered or replaced, and my floor is going to be redone in laminate flooring. I have no idea what color to put on the walls. Any suggestion you may have
    would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Lisa says:

    I have a red couch and dark furniture. Right now my walls are chocolate and I'm feeling a little closed in. Any solutions on wall colors?

  4. Laura says:

    I am not good at color cordinating. I love warm colors. What are some pretty colors that go together with dark furniture in most of the house. I have white cabnets in my kitchen. Any suggestions!

  5. Fran says:

    I have a very large window in my living room which faces north, its about 105 inches wide. The walls are painted sw cargo pants, the color is great, sometimes its looks kachi and sometimes green. The furniture is navy blue. I am not sure what color to put on the window and what kind of curtain. Right now, I have white with little blue flowers I have 3sets each tied in the middle, it does not look bad but I am over it. Now I want something new, but with the north window there is not a whole lot of light and I dont really want to cover the window completely. Help

  6. anne sylvest says:

    i am getting a plasma aquarium which will hold real fish , however my decor is wood and iron.trying for the tuscany look. where could i put it?

  7. rebecca says:

    i decided to paint my 1/2 bath brown and yellow…it looked good on the color sample swatch but now that it is up i hate it. in addition, the trim is sloppy and obvious..AND the corners where the two colors meet are crooked….HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tay says:

    I recently got married…..hoorah for me we are purchasing our 1st home contract is signed just awaiting for the bank…anyways I need help bedroom help my husband loves the raiders and wants our bedroom to be silver and black I like brightness yet contempary–(dark Cherry/mahagoney colors) how can we combine our taste? Also should we start decorating the living room 1st or the bedrooms? So confused

  9. Kris says:

    I put blue wall-to-wall carpeting (a medium blue) in our bedroom/sitting room. The same carpet is in the adjoining hallway and on the stairs. I wanted to do a brown/blue combination, but it's just not coming together. Since I can't change the carpeting, what else can I do? The walls are a light taupe with darker mocha trim. I have light cherry furniture that I don't want to paint, and a canopy bed with an off-white hand-tied canopy I love. The bedding is currently blue/goldish and the curtains match in both rooms. I have a dark brown chaise (new) in the sitting room. Should I lighten the wall and trim colors? Help!

  10. Loshon says:

    I definitely don't have a designers touch in my DNA. I live in a one bedroom apartment and of course the walls are egg shell. Do you think its a good idea to paint one wall in the living room area to add some spunk to it. I am the Plain Jane Queen (smile). I do love earth tones and my living furniture is dark brown w/mint/off white and brown in the pillows. My dining room table is deep brown.. I gather mahogany color. Please help my Plain Jane Syndrome!! Thank You!

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