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It’s easy to let major lifestyle changes — like being more eco-friendly — turn into a chore.

When I started beefing up my recycling regime, every last plastic yogurt container or clothing price tag took up precious space in my apartment until my biweekly trip to the recycling center. (Tip: I use the SORTERA containers from Ikea.) Then, I’d have to haul the containers up stairs and into my car, which is not so bad when it’s sunny and 65 degrees, except it never was.

Small price to pay in order to know that my stuff won’t be taking up space someplace much worse: a landfill. But if I thought I was being green with my lifestyle, boy was I wrong after talking with Josh Foss (“Organic Josh” from Design Star 2) and Carter Oosterhouse of Carter Can and the upcoming series Red Hot and Green. In fact, Josh took public transportation to the studio for this interview.

Carter and Josh

This latest podcast is all about being green — from building to living to decorating — and how to be happy doing it.

Download: The exclusive green podcast featuring Josh Foss and Carter Oosterhouse

Also, catch my Design Star podcast with Josh Foss, where we talk about last season. P.S. How excited are you for Sunday?


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  1. Mercedes says:




  2. Marlene says:

    Our roof is metal green which can't be changed due to expense, the body is a wheat cream color called cottonwood. My trim is dark gray to go with the gray trex deck. I am tired of the gray trim. what colors for the trim would go good with green roof and cottonwood body. I have no color ideas until I see it. Help.

  3. Tammy Keppler says:

    My family and I will be starting (withint a month) new construction on a 3564 sq ft home. We want to go green. Can you help? Where do we start?


  4. Joyce Floyd says:

    LasT Sunday you built a house for an American Indian family using solar and wind power; my husband and I will be building a house in Florida in approximately 9 to 12 months, we would like the entire house powered by solar and wind energy. The area we plan to build in is Navarre Beach on the Santa Rosa Sound. Could I receive information from you on a local solar/wind energy contractor for that area. We plan to build our house green. But, do not have a clue where to begin or what contractors are in that area to build our home for us.

    Thank you for your help and I love your Sunday Show on HGTV. God Bless you for helping all the families you do by bulding a home for them so they can build the lives. I know what is like to build a house and have it not work for you. We started to build our dream home in 2000, the builder stole over $345,000 in building funds and left us with a house 3/4 ways completed that had to be torn down all the way to removing the footers, we hired a second builder to build the house, that company dug a hugh hole, took $135,000 as a deposit of our money and never came back. We sued both builders, one declared bankruptcy and the other just disappeared. The third builder built the house, paid him $785,000.00 and we have a house with so much wrong with it that if we could afford too we would bring in a demo team and start all over again.

    So, if you can help us find a great green builder in the Florida Panhandle and a green source fo wind and solar energy we would be in your debt forever.


    Joyce Floyd

  5. Arlene says:

    HGTV is promoting being green, yet many shows call for gutting perfectly good cabinets because they are "dated". Working applicances are tossed, tile is thrown out, bathrooms are redone. Shouldn't being green include not redoing just to keep up with the latest trends?

  6. angela garcia says:

    I am interested in finding out about resurfacing my kitchen counter tops with cement/concrete. I saw a quick commercial of you brushing on concrete to a counter top… going green… in a blue tint… I am very interested in finding out how to do this and also how sturdy/durable this is…. can you please give me more info…..

  7. I am in the process of selecting a roofer to reroof a wood shake roof here in Southern California. Most roofers know little about installing an energy efficient green roof, and we'd like to have this done, if possible.

    Can you point me to a company that provides such a service and/or a manufacturer of tiles that are green and energy efficient?

    Karen Blakely
    Newport Beach, CA

  8. Joyce Allard says:

    You're going to hate me, bur I am so sick of hearing green, green, green. Growing up as a coalminer's daughter, everything we had was beat up and scarred, hand-me-down or dragged from the town dump. I yearned for the time I would be grown up and maybe buy something actually new. This green decorating is so ugly! Even Lisa LaPorta can't make concrete counters and floors look good. I am now an elderly lady, and I don't have a lot, but it's the best looking I can manage. Don't expect me to go back to what I grew up with! Reasonable people do what they can to re-use things and not litter the earth, but people are becoming fanatics about it. Thanks for letting me vent. I love HGTV, but find myself switching to Animal Planet when some of the shows come on lately. –Joyce Allard, Derry, NH

  9. alex says:

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    $100 million dollars in The MedeFile Card to charities, foundations, churches and to companies all over the world. For more information on The MedeFile Card go to http://www.medefilecard.com

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    This 35-acre private island paradise will consist of 45 beachfront and dockage estate lots. There will be a condominium-hotel and waterfront bungalows. The island will have every amenity possible including world renowned restaurants, cafes, boutiques, club house, grocery store, tennis courts, basketball courts, state of the art fitness center & high end spa, marina, helicopter pad, and a park. Private boats and limo take you to and from the island and the airport. Hundreds of palm trees will cover the island and its beautiful sandy beaches. The island has elevations up to 24 ft and the best bone fishing in the world. The entire island will be managed as a 5 diamond hotel. Anyone can call at two or three in the morning to request a bottle of champagne and your favorite midnight snack. We're creating a luxurious atmosphere.
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  10. Sal says:

    A nearby wine merchant used leftover floating cork laminate flooring on his shop counters. It looks fabulous! He sealed it with 3-4 coats of poly. We'd like to use the same treatment for our kitchen floors and counters, as we've been looking for something green and inexpensive. My husband put in a small copper countertop over what used to be an unused pass through. We added two mahogany stools and the transition into the living room works quite nicely now. As our kitchen can be seen from the dining and living rooms, at parties we'd like it to feel more like an elegant wine bar. We thought the cork would work with the copper. Yet we are concerned about the seams with water and coffee spills on the counter. Would a few coats of poly work? Marine grade perhaps? Wax? Other suggestions?

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