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I’ve had a blast writing this design blog, but it’s time for me to move on to a different climate, a new adventure and undoubtedly a new home that I’ll get to design all over again. I’m looking forward to channeling the talents of my latest design crush: Mr. Angelo Surmelis. He has a knack for making something out of nothing in the most detailed way.

You’ve probably seen by now that he’s the host of Rate My Space the show, which got its start from our Rate My Space community online.

Rate My Space episode 101
Check out the first episode for a glimpse of his makeover magic.

But what I especially love are his Spacecast’s — weekly design critiques of the online community, where he highlights spaces I’ve never seen and gives out advice for low-rated spaces. Thanks to Rate My Space, your home can be the center of attention at HGTV, and if you keep uploading your spaces it might just land on this TV series!

Head on over to watch the vlogs

It’s been fun bringing you the latest and greatest from HGTV. But don’t you go anywhere! Expect to find more great design in the future from the HGTV team right here on the design blog.

In the words of Angelo Surmelis, “Go forth and design well.”


Inspiring Spaces

30 Responses

  1. Gary St.Hilaire says:

    You all seemingly lust your job.. your roll plays and ideas for a television pitch must be so much fun, as well as welcoming stumbles… like the slogan "Start at Home" …I am an addictive HG watcher. Myself possess a discovered -devine- tallent for sales. Many times achieved #1 salesman in Tru-Green USA, consistant top award earner, even with the offset of snow in Massachusetts.. with a helpful additude. Well any -room- for me? …active life achieves brain for thought and yah ..the bod seems to follow. -Gary

  2. Dolores says:

    Not only is Angelo a rock star, but he and Joan Stefand have the best on-air personalities. I enjoyed watching his "24-Hour Design" program and am learning from this one.

  3. Page says:

    I just watched the 6/26 Craftsman Style Living Room Re-vamp. Loved it… gorgeous. I want those exact same greens. I know they're from Lowes??? How can I find out the colors?

  4. Sally says:

    I thought this show was okay. Not that dissimilar to other HGTV shows. But I have to say that background music was so annoying I ended up watching most of it with the sound off. That's been happening a lot on HGTV and I wonder why they don't have better sound. Put the background music in the background, please!

  5. Kristy Williams says:

    Totally awesome Show! I was hooked the minute I turned it on! I watched the show last night for the first time and was blown away with everything! Great Job!

  6. Kendall says:

    I can't wait to see more of this show, it is great.

    Good luck with your new adventures, I have enjoyed your blog.

  7. Nancy says:

    Angelo needs to use another word than "awesome". He is always telling people they are awesome, even as a guest on Design Star. Enough with AWESOME, get a thesaurus!

  8. Carly says:

    Angelo, I LOVE YOU! RMS, the show rocks and so do you and your team. PLEASE come to the East Coast and help us. Will keep watching. Thanks for all the design info and inspiration.

  9. Geoff says:

    Good luck on your new job Caren. Your blog was great to read! Thanks

  10. Lynda says:

    Today's the day to be INSPIRED!! LOVE the interactive concept of bringing the cyber world to the REAL world… and actually getting to MEET some of the real people who did the real space creating (the inspiration spaces). Angelo is doing a fantastic job pulling the "looks" together for one more FANTASTIC space for us to rate!

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