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I’ve had a blast writing this design blog, but it’s time for me to move on to a different climate, a new adventure and undoubtedly a new home that I’ll get to design all over again. I’m looking forward to channeling the talents of my latest design crush: Mr. Angelo Surmelis. He has a knack for making something out of nothing in the most detailed way.

You’ve probably seen by now that he’s the host of Rate My Space the show, which got its start from our Rate My Space community online.

Rate My Space episode 101
Check out the first episode for a glimpse of his makeover magic.

But what I especially love are his Spacecast’s — weekly design critiques of the online community, where he highlights spaces I’ve never seen and gives out advice for low-rated spaces. Thanks to Rate My Space, your home can be the center of attention at HGTV, and if you keep uploading your spaces it might just land on this TV series!

Head on over to watch the vlogs

It’s been fun bringing you the latest and greatest from HGTV. But don’t you go anywhere! Expect to find more great design in the future from the HGTV team right here on the design blog.

In the words of Angelo Surmelis, “Go forth and design well.”


Inspiring Spaces

30 Responses

  1. Irina says:

    What a pretty living room!

  2. kathy trout says:

    why, i am wondering is it only familys with nice houses you are redoing ? what about home of familys who love RMS but could not aford to do the make overs there selfs ??? just wondering

  3. Francine Elliott says:

    Angelo Surmelis LOVE HIM LOVE HIM. Every design he does is so beautifully elegant. What a designer! Look forward to his new shows. Francine

  4. Courtenay says:

    everything looks absolutely gorgeous. i have some of my own before-and-afters that i just posted, if you click on that category. it was pretty dismal, now it's cheery and bright! http://www.lifespearliscast.blogspot.com

  5. carla says:

    The more I watch this guy the better I like him. I have been looking for ways to work with my walls and so far I have not seen anything on any of the shows to help me. I have open floor plan but the living room walls are wood planks like a log home. (Flat not round). They have a gold hint to it and the knots are a redish brown. What color goes with this???

  6. carina says:

    Having been an addict to various design shows, I must say that I find Angelo's show by far the best I have seen. His ideas are so wonderful and his ability to pull a room together is awe inspiring. Anyone lucky enough to have his influence in the design of their space is very very lucky indeed! As a single mom who just raised three young adults and has one 11 year old left to go, just trying to keep things clean after all these years has left me design void. I will keep looking for ideas to dream about! Keep up the good work!

  7. mel says:

    What color is that and who makes it?

  8. Jessica says:

    I really need help. I want to fix up my parents basement. I would love for some tips. How do I upload the pictures and where should i post them? Could you please email me as soon as possible.



  9. Carol says:

    Angelo, your designs are really top…Great, fantastic…Love to watch your show….Carol

  10. Jillian says:

    Thank you for your authentic self. That, is rare in the world of TV. Keep up the gorgeous work.

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