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Hopefully, you’re reading this from a condo on the beach with only the sound of waves to keep you company. However, if you haven’t made it to your nearest ocean yet, check out these beachy designs and ocean-inspired products.

White and blue are usually the two main ingredients for creating an ocean-inspired space, but a few of our Rate My Space members designed chose a slightly different palette to showcase their beachy style.

This small bedroom combines bright white with aqua, instead of the traditional dark blue, and light green for a light, airy look. By hking44

A sand-like color palette and wicker furnishings are the perfect way to achieve a beach-inspired look. By swichman

We all know Kim Myles is an expert at budget-friendly style, even when it comes to creating a room around a particular theme. On her blog this week, check out her tips for creating a beach-inspired design.

Want to add a little beach style to your space? Check out the Beachy Keen products on HGTV Marketplace.


Coral Throw Pillow from Frontgate and Water Throw Pillow from Wrapables

I love the coral and water throw pillows. What’s your favorite beachy find?


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14 Responses

  1. Donna Harrell says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the SIMPLE and attractive beach decor ideas! Sometimes those of us middle-class working folks who have places at the beach use items from the attic and places that we can pick them up inexpensively. This excerpt gives me even more ideas for decorating within my means. I LOVE the bed! Fortunately, my man is handy with a hammer and can make it very easily. Please include more SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE decorating ideas in the future. Thank you! Donna Harrell

  2. Donna Harrell says:

    Oh, almost forgot…I don't advise putting a bed in front of a window at our Southern beach cottages, especially without a window treatment. It gets WAY too hot in the summer for that to be a good location. Also, you may want to think about a window treatment for those Down South beach cottages since the intense heat runs up the electric bill so high during the day. Again, I emphasize, I am middle-class working folk which is why these are concerns of mine. Thanks!

  3. art18 says:

    Decorating Your Lawn With Flower Beds . lower beds are a great way to showcase your flowers, add vibrant color to your lawn, and keep flowers in certain parts of your lawn. Flower beds can be placed almost anywhere on your lawn.

  4. Ann says:

    would love to head at the beach right away now. The first one was simple yet cool and well-designed.

  5. gary m gosnell says:

    help me i have an a frame chalet style home and i need alot of help its about 70% done but i need ideas

  6. Olivia Scott says:

    I love the colors in that room, and wished I had picked it for our master bedroom. I wanted to share with you a fantastic "whale bed" that we recently purchased for our son's room in our new beach house on North Carolina's outerbanks:

    Olivia Scott

  7. R'Mel Corneliou says:

    I would like to be able to watch HGTV on line. I'd like to watch shows that I'm not able to see during the day or if I'm traveling.

  8. R'Mel Corneliou says:

    I would like to be able to watch HGTV on line. I'd like to watch shows that I'm not able to see during the day or if I'm traveling.

  9. HG-lover says:

    HGTV online!!!

    Please put your shows online.

  10. Tonic Home says:

    I love anything that has sea animals on it for the beach. Like fish, whale or seahorse design on anything – pillows , dishes – they are all fun and really add to the "being at the beach" experience.

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