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Ever since The Inconvenient Truth hit mainstream America, there’s been a huge push to change to compact fluorescent light bulbs, recycle, recycle, recycle and of course, to stop using plastic bags. Several companies are taking our responsibility for the earth to a very stylish level, providing reusable bags with unique designs. If you haven’t taken the plastic bag challenge yet, then hopefully these chic options will be just the inspiration you need. Plus, think about how much cuter you’re going to look walking out of the store.

NYC Built’s Market Totes are perfect for when you just need to run in and grab a few things.

B. HappyBags’ totes are so cute; they could double as a purse or a bookbag.

Reisenthel’s carrybag not only helps save the earth, but you can use it throughout the entire store to do your shopping.

Start your kiddies on the early green path with these adorable, kid-inspired options from Envirosax.


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4 Responses

  1. Teri says:

    The Inconvenient Truth was just a bunch of nonsense. Yes, we should all take care of the planet, but since when did Al Gore get a degree in Biology? The earth goes in phases of cooling and heating, that's been proven. Keep politics out and just talk about design. Congrats, you just lost yourself a reader.

  2. kelley says:

    Love those Envirosax. I have two of the grown-up versions (flowers instead of dinosaurs) and I love them b/c they roll up into packets that fit in my purse. No more lugging bulky canvas bags! (Now all I have to do is remember to put them back in my purse after I shop!)

  3. The recycled bags that are at the grocery stores are very handy now. Granted they may only save you 5-10 cents per bag (credit) they are taking care of the environment as we should be.

  4. michelle says:

    I have the Envirosax, fit in every bag even in a small one, great graphic design I love it.

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