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Here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the first freeze of the season is just hours away. Time to protect those sensitive outdoor plants! For me, often that means bringing plants indoors. Plants are a delightful way to add life, color, texture, interest — and even stress relief — to any space. Plus, if you’d like to be more environmentally-friendly, decorating with houseplants is an easy way to “go green” — literally. They can help you and your family breath easier especially in the winter if you spend most of your time indoors. Plants produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and actually clean and purify the air of toxic VOCs — or Volatile Organic Compounds found in cleaning products, pesticides, paints, perfumes, laminates, carpets and tobacco smoke.

Take your houseplants to the next green level by planting them in recycled or reused containers. Almost any vessel that will hold soil and water can be considered a planter. Below are some of my houseplants potted in containers that once had previous uses. My husband and I feel good about giving these containers new life while they provide the home for life-giving plants that we love to have indoors. It really is good to be green — all around.

My husband re-potted this growing Norfolk pine in an old, heavy crock pot insert he found at a thrift store for $4.

This hammered metal bowl once held hair accessories. Now, it’s the perfect complement to this Stonecrop plant.

This unique wedding present was intended to be a serving dish. It came with serving spoons shaped like a shovel and a pitchfork. We decided to keep the serving spoons in the kitchen and utilize the wheelbarrow to house a container garden.

What are your favorite houseplants? What containers have you re-used in an inventive or unusual way? For more information about living green including a list of the best houseplants for cleaning the air, visit www.ecologue.com

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  1. aby says:

    i really love to put houseplant in my living room. Since i don't have much time to look after them. So i change from fresh nature houseplants to artificial houseplants made from plastic. I understand that they would not like the fresh one, but at least still see the green in my home.

  2. Danap says:

    I recently made a patio planter out of the bowl of an old fountain. After I removed the pump and tubing, it already had a hole in the center just the right size to fit around the pole of my umbrella. If you'd like to see it, you can search Danap on RMS.

  3. Leslie Judson, Decor says:

    Danap I'm certainly intrigued. What a great idea! I will check out your fountain turned planter. Thanks for sharing.

    And I agree, aby, some green in your living space is better than no green at all. I will encourage you, however, to seek out houseplants that don't require a lot of attention. Those do exist! My favorite of late is the peace lily. My peace lily is super low-maintenance, plus she springs back to life if she begins to get droopy from lack of water, for example. Very resilient. Perfect for the not-so-green-thumbed plant lover. (Peace lilies are also known to clean the air of VOCs.)

  4. Carole says:

    Red Geraniums are beautiful when you winter them in your house. They're easy to take care of and are a nice addition for color all winter. When all the leaves on the trees are gone and it's gray outside, that little punch of red really livens up a corner of your home.

  5. Mobila says:

    I like this green mod )

  6. Jesse says:

    Be careful what type of container you use for your plants when letting them rest on carpet. Plant/rust stains are some of the toughest stains we deal with when cleaning carpets.
    For tips, visit our site.. <a href="http://www.ProCleanSTL.com” target=”_blank”>www.ProCleanSTL.com

  7. I really like your style of wring and the way you describe the things to the readers. thanks and keep sharing.

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