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Today marks 45 days until Christmas! For those of you who can’t get enough of the holidays, stay tuned to HGTV. Last night, Deserving Design’s Vern Yip and his team of elves gave an early gift to a very deserving homeowner. Gloria Bernard has spent most of her life helping others. This wife and mother makes quilts for those in need including disaster victims, homeless, homebound and soldiers and their families. Gloria won a new French Country kitchen. She got her wish for butcher block countertop, maple cabinets and an island complete with a rooster focal point. The wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed, so Vern continued the theme into that space. Vern purchased three sets of dishes and housed them in new corner cabinets.

Before: Old, Outdated, Mismatched

After: Clean, Charming, Functional

A dining room ready for holiday entertaining.

Vern’s team didn’t stop with the kitchen makeover. They also focused their attention in a room that easily could have been overlooked – the downstairs laundry room. What was once a cramped, cluttered multi-purpose space where Gloria quilted, washed clothes and even cut hair became a jaw-dropping transformation. Vern’s team replaced an ugly drop ceiling with cracked copper finish tile, painted the walls in a deep, soothing green, and created three storage stations. A glass-topped center work table holds a sewing machine and more baskets for storage. “My laundry room” is spectacular,” Gloria said. I would have to agree.


Before: Cramped, Cluttered, Unattractive


After: Stylish, Sleek, Inviting

For more of Vern’s style tips and to see when you can catch this special holiday episode, visit the Deserving Design show page.


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8 Responses

  1. Design Dude says:

    Amazing space plan and great design. A really moving episode. I don't cry often when watching HGTV but this was something special … captured the holiday spirit. I love Vern and this show!

  2. Linda Lou says:

    The winner was sure deserving…great lady & I loved her reaction to Vern's fabulous make over. Terrific show.

  3. Linda Lou says:

    Great show! A very deserving winner. Loved what Vern did with her kitchen & laundry room.

  4. Valerie Winslow says:

    I purchased a house I feel I paid too much for. Although it's a nice size for the family (my husband and two teen sons), it has the 70's look. I am trying to do decorative work to make it more modern, but I am not fashion savvy. My bathroom is all tile. Can I paint tile? My kitchen has the many cabinets and I would like to paint them green. Is there a special paint to be used for wooden cabinets? I like the house, but I really should have done a better job selecting a house that did not need as many upgrades.

  5. Fern Alicious says:

    The special that Vern did with Gloria was so heart-felt and warn. Gloria is pretty much the most adorable woman I have ever seen and she has the most thoughtful family. Her daugter Lindsey came across as especially excited and adorable. And I read on another blog that they only scratch the surface of all the good Gloria does for the community! She gets groceries for people who are unable to go themselves, cuts hair for people that can't afford the salon, lets people live with them for years at a time that have no where else to go, adopts abandoned animals, and more. Such a big heart certainly deserves a little Deserving Design.

  6. Carole says:

    I just love Vern's concepts and designs. He never goes overboard. I think laundry rooms deserve lots of attention. Think about how many hours we do laundry every week?

  7. Tool Junkie says:

    Vern did a great job with that kitchen. I love the clean lines. The laundry room was a huge improvement as well. Vern always comes up with some awesome designs. He's the man!

  8. Lisa says:

    I enjoyed the Bernard makeover episode. I esp liked the b/w dinnerware. Does anyone know where I can find it? The "shop this episode" does not include that set of dinnerware, only the red. If you have any ideas how I might find it, please let me know. Thanks so much!

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