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If you haven’t checked out HGTV’s new show, Dear Genevieve, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the network’s newest makeover shows, and it’s hosted by a designer you may recognize. I first fell for Genevieve Gorder when she was an unpretentious, bouncy, barefooted designer on Trading Spaces whose work was almost always wow-worthy. As the host and designer of Dear Genevieve, she’s slightly more composed but just as passionate. From what I’ve seen so far, Genevieve carries her own show with grace and exuberance and offers up plenty of good design and creative ideas to boot.

If you’ve missed Dear Genevieve, here’s a look back and a sneak peek of the episode premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. On the show’s premiere, Genevieve went above and beyond for a family of six, even taking them to get their first family photos in more than a decade for wall art that’s truly memorable. Genevieve created several storage solutions and activity zones and left this deserving family with a stylish, functional space. Check it out!

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working and a Lack of Storage, Organization and Style

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

In tonight’s episode, Genevieve takes on a dark, paneled basement.
Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

After: Colorful and Current
After: Colorful, Current and Personalized

Like what you see? Get in on it! Upload your problem room(s) here and Genevieve just might knock on your door! Be specific about your design dilemma, and be sure to show off your family’s personality in your video.

And, please. Tell us what you think about Dear Genevieve.


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  1. Laura says:

    Dear Genevieve,
    I have loved watching your show and have learned many things but I have a problem- my home is stuck in the 70's (the whole house) and I just dont know what to do to get started. There is all this dark paneling. Can you just paint over the panels or should they be taken out? There is cathedral ceilings throughout which make it nice and open, which I like, but with cheap wood beams – should we just paint them to match the ceiling? I plan to do some work in the kitchen so I would have to be careful with money when it comes to the rest of the house. Could you make some suggestions?

  2. Duncan says:

    OMG! Has anyone been watching DG? Last night she 'made over' a dining room. I have to say in years of watching HGTV, I've never seen anything more hideous. Who seriously paints a ceiling dark, metallic gray? And, who puts a bunch of wrinkly dark curtains all over the room. And that rug, …..are you kidding me? She's got a lot of nerve calling herself a designer.

  3. Margherite says:

    I have really enjoyed Genevieve's new show! Seeing beautiful, liveable spaces created on realistic budgets makes me think that we could do that, too. My question is about the opening montage of the show – could someone tell me the manufacturer of the cream-colored sofa Genevieve is sitting on at the end of the opening? It's perfect!


  4. Corrie Trattner says:

    Dear Genevieve,

    My family and I have just suffered a traumatic tragedy with the death of our infant granddaughter to hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Our daughter and son-in-law who were living with us for several months in order to get the proper care for their daughter, our granddaughter, have just retuned to their home. My husbnd wants to move to get away from the bad memories, but I want to stay for the 25 years of good memories. We just found out that our two bathrooms will need major renovtions, and I have been wanting a new kitchen for years. We are definitely on a tight budget but would greatly appreciate your help. Could you help us fall in love with our house again, as we try to re-estabish a new sense of peace and tranquilit?. Thank you so much.


    Corrie Trattner and Henry Hasenbush

  5. Pat says:

    Dear Genevieve,
    I have an older home and want to put a bathroom into an upstairs closet. It is very small, and I don't know how to accomplish all that I would like. There is definitely room for a sink and toilet but I am not sure if I can "squeeze" in a shower and I don't know about configuring plumbing with bearing walls, etc. The width of the space is narrow – only about 3.5 feet – and the length is about 5 or 6 feet with a sloping ceiling. I am considering having a manual skylight installed for lighting and ventillation. I am lost and funds are tight. I would like to be able to maximize my expenditure.
    Thank you, Pat

  6. Marilyn says:

    The walls of one of our Sunday School rooms is painted yellow (medium bright) and blue (medium). What color would you suggest for the 3 fairly large windows which are on a yellow wall. We don't the room to look too feminine.

  7. kaley says:

    I thought she did awesome with all that stuff in such a tiny room! Hey, give her snaps on that! It was terrific!!

  8. Priya says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    I need your advice on kitchen remodel. Where do I upload pictures and pose specific questions regarding the spruce up?


  9. Kelly says:

    ….Do you seriously not know how to spell "and"?

  10. Foula says:

    Dear Genevieve,

    Where do I begin? Well after a long 13 years of waiting we finally purchased a home and to my surprise at the right price with a lot of potential. First off, I am a person who loves to play with decor and lives in HOMEGOODS but, that was with a small space (apartment), now in a 3000 sq ft home with open floor plan i find myself lost and confused. What color, what style? I am shocked when looking for a bedroom set I find myself going ornate and thats never been my style. We're moving in soon and would love to send you some pics of the rooms especially the family room which has a whole wall of stone and has become the focal point of the room (I cannot see myself taking that down its beautiful!). Can I send you some pictures?

    Lost and Confused

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