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If you haven’t checked out HGTV’s new show, Dear Genevieve, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the network’s newest makeover shows, and it’s hosted by a designer you may recognize. I first fell for Genevieve Gorder when she was an unpretentious, bouncy, barefooted designer on Trading Spaces whose work was almost always wow-worthy. As the host and designer of Dear Genevieve, she’s slightly more composed but just as passionate. From what I’ve seen so far, Genevieve carries her own show with grace and exuberance and offers up plenty of good design and creative ideas to boot.

If you’ve missed Dear Genevieve, here’s a look back and a sneak peek of the episode premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. On the show’s premiere, Genevieve went above and beyond for a family of six, even taking them to get their first family photos in more than a decade for wall art that’s truly memorable. Genevieve created several storage solutions and activity zones and left this deserving family with a stylish, functional space. Check it out!

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working and a Lack of Storage, Organization and Style

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

In tonight’s episode, Genevieve takes on a dark, paneled basement.
Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

After: Colorful and Current
After: Colorful, Current and Personalized

Like what you see? Get in on it! Upload your problem room(s) here and Genevieve just might knock on your door! Be specific about your design dilemma, and be sure to show off your family’s personality in your video.

And, please. Tell us what you think about Dear Genevieve.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Just saw the kitchen make-over for Greg and Jill. Loved the kitchen, except the floor was a huge mistake! It detracts and distracts from the rest of the beautiful room. You should have gone with the tile they picked. Though it wasn't the greatest, it would have let you focus on the rest of the kitchen, not just stare in horror at the floor! You're usually right on, but you goofed on this one.

  2. Nancy Moe says:

    Dear Genevieve, I have tried to send an e-mail but it keeps coming back.. I wanted to show you and tell you how great your idea for hanging my Christmas upside down worked.. It turned out great.. I really wanted to show you a picture of it , but it came back.. Oh well you prolly won't ever see this either.. But I did like it very much.. Thank you for all the really great ideas…

  3. Karen in Iowa says:

    Dear Genevieve, I totally love your show and need your help desperately. We just recently re-did our kitchen and it is almost complete if I can find the chandelier that I saw in a magazine. I have looked online for hours on end and almost gave up when I spotted the exact chandelier I have been wanting for months in a shot in Episode #312 Battle on the Block. I couldn't believe my eyes! You were visiting with Dawn & Joe about furniture they had just seen and the camera man was shooting this through the chandelier. Could you please give me the name of the store that this light was in? I would be eternally grateful!!! Yah, know, it's like you find the perfect accessory and then nothing else will do. Well, that's the way it is for me with this chandelier. If I can actually find it and put it in my new kitchen, it will be completely done! And WOW would my husband be happy about that!!!

  4. terry faulkner says:

    Dear Genevieve,Please tell me what to do to be on the show . My husband passed and I cant stay in my house,so I am moving in with someone, the house needs help,So please help me !!

  5. The Rices says:

    Hi Genevieve,

    I am writing to you, because my wife and I are about to have our first child (in August) and we would like to renovate our "master bath" to add a bathtub, and laundry. it is a condo in an old building, and they renovated the attic to add a bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Unfortunately, the "master" bathroom does not have a bathtub, or laundry. Currently, laundry is in the basement, and I don't want my wife trying to run up and down stairs with an infant to do laundry. We both think you are amazing, and my wife is worried about how we can complete the bathroom before the baby is due. We have saved for the project, but we need the help of somebody who understands how to design a space in a way that is the most efficient. I am trying to be the supportive husband, and thought I would reach out and ask- Genevieve, can you help us?

    Best wishes,

    The Rices

  6. Bethany Cheatham says:

    Dear Genevieve,
    I am a 14 year old girl and i love your show. My mom and I watch it every time it comes on. Our kitchen needs Help!!! We love our house, but when you walk in our kitchen its ULGY! yuck yuck yuck! The color is different shades of blue, the back splash is really bad. I would love you to come help us fix it. Is that possible? None of the appliances match and also it just looks bad! ;) I know that you are always busy, but I think it would be GREAT for me and my family! My moms is a teacher and my dad is a football coach so they haven't been able to afford it. Thanks!!!!! ;)
    Oh, and you would just love the little village where we live. It's called, Salado, Tx. Check it out. You would so love to shop downtown at the shops!! =)

    I can't see where i could show you with some pics. Can you let me know if you are interested in our house and I could send you some?

    I gotta go watch your show. Lata :)

  7. Clementine Zawadzki says:

    Dear Genevieve,
    I just caught the end of an old show (01/12/10) and saw that you had used some striated plywood above the white-painted panelling in the newly-renovated entry. I'm looking for that striated plywood for my 1949 Victor Civken double split-level here in Schenectady, NY. My neighborhood (West Hill) was the 1st planned community in the country(1948). It was developed by a group of GE engineers (all of whom bought into the development and built homes here) and of the 84 homes, 2 were designed by Civken. Several others were designed by young architects from Harvard. There were to have been several other portions of West HIll developed, but the clay soil and leach fields don't work well together, so only the original 84 units were built. The original 'pioneers' built their own houses in their spare time, sharing electricity and water from their own wells with whomever was still in the building stages. Since building material were difficult to find, they pitched in and ordered windows and plywood (including the striated plywood) by the truckload. So most homes here have pieces of the striated plywood, but if we want to add more, It can't be found. Where did you find yours?
    If you aren't familiar with Victor CIvkin, he was young Russian architect who teamed up with GE to design the modern home for the returning GIs after WWII. He actually designed the modern kitchen – seamless countertops, large numbers of cabinets, modern small appliances (GE, of course), and went on to design a whole new type of house, modern, clean lines, corner windows and double-split levels. He designed homes for the GE managers in and around Fairfield, Connecticut and Schenectady, NY. My house was designed for the GE advertising manager and his wife.
    So, about the striated plywood, does anyone have a source for 4'X8' sheets of this material?
    I love to watch your show. The solutions you provide are very attainable and you really do pay attention the the owners needs. Pushing a little beyond the comfort zone works wonders.
    Thanks for your time and consideration,

  8. Tara says:

    Dear Gen,

    Firstly- love, love, love the show. Second- would it be possible to list or post the paint colors you select and use in the rooms you design? Most specifically, episodes like "Zest for Zoning", "From Dated to Delightful" and "Galley Kitchen". You always make such great paint selections.
    Hugs and many thanks!!!


  9. Rosalie says:

    Querida G, eres una de mis favoritas de HGTV. Me encanta el diseño y decoracion de interiores desde que era niña. Me inspiras para crear nuevos diseños en mi hogar.

  10. dpparker3 says:

    Genevieve – please come home! I know you are a native of Minnesota and I love your design ideas! I am in desperate need of a new kitchen. I emailed photos to your assistant, I think??? In any case, I live in Stillwater, have a lovely home (except for the kitchen) and need your help desperately. We just had an architect come over yesterday to consult with us. He will be doing a plan for us and we hope to begin (ourselves to save money) in early to mid-March, 2012. I would love your help and expertise. You could bring your crew too and I promise to feed you all some Minnesota Wild Rice Soup!

    D Parker

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