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If you haven’t checked out HGTV’s new show, Dear Genevieve, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the network’s newest makeover shows, and it’s hosted by a designer you may recognize. I first fell for Genevieve Gorder when she was an unpretentious, bouncy, barefooted designer on Trading Spaces whose work was almost always wow-worthy. As the host and designer of Dear Genevieve, she’s slightly more composed but just as passionate. From what I’ve seen so far, Genevieve carries her own show with grace and exuberance and offers up plenty of good design and creative ideas to boot.

If you’ve missed Dear Genevieve, here’s a look back and a sneak peek of the episode premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. On the show’s premiere, Genevieve went above and beyond for a family of six, even taking them to get their first family photos in more than a decade for wall art that’s truly memorable. Genevieve created several storage solutions and activity zones and left this deserving family with a stylish, functional space. Check it out!

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working and a Lack of Storage, Organization and Style

Before: A Space Plan That Wasn't Working

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

After: Fabulous for the Entire Family

In tonight’s episode, Genevieve takes on a dark, paneled basement.
Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

Before: Boxed-In and Mismatched Basement

After: Colorful and Current
After: Colorful, Current and Personalized

Like what you see? Get in on it! Upload your problem room(s) here and Genevieve just might knock on your door! Be specific about your design dilemma, and be sure to show off your family’s personality in your video.

And, please. Tell us what you think about Dear Genevieve.


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  1. Teresa says:

    Dear Genevieve- So glad you're back! My kids grew up watching Trading Places on Saturday night. Evidently, the decorating talent didn't transfer to me. We just moved into a Chicago Bungalow neighborhood and home. We have a huge issue in our living room, that remains unsoved. We have even hired a decorator for this problem, but still no solution. A very good/well-known builder in the area has a build in an opening that goes from almost floor to ceiling, that is 6-sided plus the opening. It is about 2 feet deep in the center. The previous owener had some shelves there with fanc;y vases, but we're not the fancy vase type. PLEASE help! Right now it looks like a shrine to nothing, or just a hole in the wall. Maybe a pictue would help???

  2. judy van noy says:

    I love your show, but all of a sudden I could not find you on HGTV….what happened? I think you are magnificent with your style, your warmth and your gorgeous personality and smile. No designer can come close to what I find in your designs. You are just the best! I would be on the computer trying every way I could to contact you and my husband would come in and say "are you still looking for Genevieve?" I do not have creativity capabilities and just don't have any idea where to start. Our house is very lived in and I would just one time have it "pop" when people visit us, family, friends, anyone!!! We are retired and live in Amarillo, TX……thanks to you and keep on keeping on……I love you and it makes my day to see you on TV. I just ran across you today for the first time in several months on TV and just sat back and enjoyed it so much……God Bless you~ judy van noy, amarillo, TX

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  4. usbsplitter says:

    usb hub ic 2 port Dear Genevieve: Keep Up the Good Work! | HGTV Design Blog – Design Happens

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