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I watch a lot of HGTV shows, and Designed to Sell is one of my favorites. If I can’t sit down and give my full attention to an episode, I love catching design nuggets while I’m doing other things. I had the show on Friday night while I was preparing to meet some friends for dinner when designer Monica Pedersen said something that stopped me in my tracks.
Lavender, Monica said, is the new beige. On this episode, Monica helps the Jacobs, a family of six, design their 1920s Colonial to sell so that they can move to Sweden. In the dining room, Monica is inspired by a blue-and-white, 18th century plate and convinces the couple to paint the space lavender to serve as a modern backdrop for the family heirloom. Kudos to the Jacobs for being willing to go outside the box. About the finished room, they said: “It works!” A potential buyer called the room traditional but also funky. What do you think?
Lovely in Lavender

Lovely in Lavender?

Whether or not you like the lavender, I think this dining room works. Just look at the before picture:
A Dining Room Not Designed to Sell

A Dining Room Not Designed to Sell

If you missed this episode – which also features a fabulous living room and sunroom makeover – mark your calendars for March 12 at 6 p.m. when you can see it again. Click here to find out more about the program schedule and the products used in this episode.

What do you think about the lavender? Would you use it as a neutral? Where would you use it besides in a little girl’s room? 

43 Responses

  1. Benigna Marko says:

    Both work for me. The lavender takes a little getting used to. I am not sure that is the color of choice for this colonial design. I like the arrangement, not sure about the color. Sort of liked the original color. That is just me. Benigna Marko

  2. julie says:

    i think gold and red is today's grey and pink.

  3. GalinNorthernCal says:

    I like Monica but this is not her best work. I thought the 'after' picture was the 'before' picture at first… no really, this is pretty bad to be honest. The lavendar walls and traditional detail call for the lovely chandelier and white curtains that were in the room to begin with. The table needs a table cloth in lavenderor blue shades to bring out the white dishes and to hide the yellow wood, and a different centerpiece that is airy and light.

    Lavender is definitely not the new beige but it is a great option if used right. Not sure that it actually works here as well as intended. The large dark cabinet sucks all color off that wall. Paint it white!

  4. PM Quillan says:

    I do not like the lavender at all. I would be very unhappy with this makeover!!

  5. Laura says:

    I saw that, too. I was amazed that the homeowners didn't put up more of a fight – not necessarily b/c lavender is a bad choice but because a lot of homeowners seem to do that on TV.


    I liked the lavender. Don't know if I'd do it myself, but it works surprisingly well

  6. Nicole says:

    I happen to love lavender. I think that was a bold and brave move to use it as a color choice for getting a house ready to sell. I honestly wouldn't think it would work for most people. I guess it would also depend on the shade whether it was dark or light. Kuddos to the homeowners for the bravery, way to go!

  7. Katy says:

    I think that lavender is a fantastic idea. I think any color is a great idea as long as it's done in the right context. For example, my grandmother has wonderful palette for design and her kitchen is an electric lime green. This shade is one that any person would look at and scoff, but she has used a mix of dark chocolate and dark cherry cabinets in the kitchen and black marble counter tops and it looks awesome! I always so, don't be afraid of color….express yourself. I know you Judson's have no problem in that area!

  8. guest says:

    Unfortunately, I like the "before" one. The wall color and window treatment seem softer and warmer.

  9. Latoya Wellls says:

    I agree. That makeover doesn't look much like a makeover at all. I think the "before" picture does seem softer with the color that was previously in the room. Lavender does not seem like a good color choice for a formal dining room.

  10. Brenda says:

    What was she thinking?? HGTV is my favorite TV station and I am also a former real estate agent and I have learned a lot from both sources. Monica didn't just miss this one a little, she missed it a lot. Certainly trends come and go but "neutral", when sprucing up to sell a home, will never mean lavender. I agree with the earlier comment, I like the before picture better.

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