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Tomorrow begins a new era in American history as Barack Obama is inaugurated as our 44th president. One of Michelle Obama’s priorities has been to make sure her family feels comfortable in their new home, The White House. It’s not unusual for incoming First Ladies to make changes in the more than 200-year-old residence. Take a look inside the 1961 White House in this tour with Jacqueline Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy explains how she worked with a committee to make interior design choices. The Obamas chose California native  Michael S. Smith  whose style has been characterized as “a delicate blend of European tradition and American modernism.” The First Family will be in good company. Smith has designed spaces for Cindy Crawford, Steven Spielberg and many other notables. Smith’s first task: the daughters’ bedrooms.  I hope we get to see a little of Smith’s work and how he spent his $100,000 budget, courtesy of Congress.  

All this talk of White House renovation begs the question: what would HGTV designers do in the Obama’s new residence if they had the opportunity? Just like Barack Obama, Kim Myles was chosen as the best among her peers. As an HGTV Design Star and now host of Myles of Style, Kim continues to prove that she is a winning designer. Her take on The Lincoln Bedroom is another example of why Mrs. Myles won the popular vote.

Kim Myles' concept: The Lincoln Bedroom - Back to Basics

“The current Lincoln Bedroom hides its most famous feature — the bed — behind layers of fussy fabric, busy prints and stodgy color,” Kim says. “I’ve chosen to bring  the room back to basics and combined classic and contemporary elements.”

Taniya Nayak  is one of HGTV’s Designed to Sell‘s talented designers who knows how to stretch a buck. By the look of this sketch, however, it is obvious that Taniya had a little fun and went beyond her usual $2000 budget for the show. This Green Room is opulent but also environmentally-friendly.


Taniya Nayak's concept: The Green Room - Literally

Taniya Nayak's concept: The Green Room - Literally



“The stone, fabrics and flooring are all made from green products,” Taniya says. ”Sustainable living is a way of life now, and what better place to implement that than in the Green Room of the White House.” If the Obamas want to improve their digs without breaking the bank, they couldn’t go wrong with Taniya or Design on a Dime‘s Frank Fontana.

Frank Fontana‘s interpretation of The Red Room is red hot! Every President needs a little zebra print in his life.

Frank Fontana's concept: The Red Room - Colonial Funk

 “My concept for this design is something I like to call ‘Colonial Funk.’ It comes from the fusion of vintage colonial architecture and hip modern day decor,” Frank says. “A similar parallel to the Obamas themselves, as they must fuse their youthful and vibrant energy into a vintage and historic home.” I particularly like Frank’s attention to detail in the sketch. Look closely and see Obama family pictures on the walls. Nice touch.


How do you think Frank, Taniya and Kim did with their Presidential concepts? Any decorating advice you’d offer to the Obamas?


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12 Responses

  1. I want to see the downstairs powder room. Is it a half bath? Why is it not on the not on the floor plan, on photos or tour?

  2. Why are there no pictures of the first floor powder room?

  3. Leslie Judson says:

    Pamela, I can bet that you are talking about the HGTV Dream Home, not the White House which I’m sure has ample restroom facilities on the first floor. :) Keep checking back for new online coverage of the 2009 Dream Home at hgtv.com. To answer your question: yes, there is a half bath on the first floor of the Dream Home. There will be additional information provided about that lovely, little bath – coming soon.

  4. Sophia says:

    I just watched the first of the wonderful inauguration activities and I have to say that if the Obama family's dress is any indication as to their style, I imagine their residence at the White House will lovely indeed – full of class, color and character. I can't wait to see what the Obama girls wear to the ball. I bet those little ones must be so excited.

    I hope that Michelle has some funds and intention of updating some of the public parts of the White House as well. I imagine she will and (just like everything she has done) it will be be divine.

  5. Leslie Judson says:

    HGTV Dream Home – the first floor mystery is solved!

  6. Thomi says:

    Frank, Taniya, and Kim did exceptionally well with their Presidential concepts. I really, really like Frank's 'Colonial Funk' room with the personal touches! Good job!

  7. Mildred Bazemore says:

    What a home! I hope that I am the winner. There is an old house in our city that has the exact same design as the 2009 Dream home. It was recently relocated to make room for a growing downtown but is still a beautiful home even though it is over 100 years old.

  8. magda says:

    I love the Red Room and Frank Fontana has a great eye for detail!

  9. David Morenus says:

    Actually, I think Jackie Kennedy's design choices were more tasteful. I browsed here searching for "colonial red", and at first I thought this was Republican scare-mongering left over from the 2008 campaign.

  10. James Wilson says:

    For all our sake, I hope your designers never get within twenty miles of the White House.

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