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Are you a decorating junkie? Do you scour design magazines, books and websites, and watch endless hours of HGTV? Do you look for inspiration online, print how-to instructions and bookmark your favorite rooms and designers? Have you uploaded pictures of your home’s interior to Rate My Space and gotten design advice from all over the world? These are all great ways to gather ideas and learn about the art of decorating, from the basics to the trends.
But, how would you like to get free, hands-on advice at one of your favorite stores without the sales pressure? You can. Pottery Barn is offering a series of free decorating classes at its stores nationwide. The next class, Decorating Your Bedroom, is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 8. Space is limited, so make sure to call your local store, reserve a spot and get the details for your area. Topics for this class include choosing and arrranging furniture, accessorizing and window treatments. If you love setting a beautiful table, check out Hosting a Beautiful Brunch in March. I hope more retail stores will take a cue from Pottery Barn, offer expert advice in a fun class setting and hand out discounts at the end. That’s right; if you attend a class, receive 10 percent off items featured in the class. I hope these newest bedding items are included in this month’s class. They are bold – both in pattern and color.
The Pottery Barn Tea Garden Toile bedding collection is based on a vintage Chinoiserie fabric from the 1920s.

The Garden Toile bedding collection is based on a vintage Chinoiserie fabric from the 1920s. Pottery Barn's version is orange and organic.

Butterflies aren't just for little girls' rooms anymore. This fabulous pillow cover was commissioned by a London fashion house.

Butterflies aren't just for little girls' rooms anymore. This fabulous pillow cover was commissioned by a London fashion house.

If you're looking to add some color to your bedroom, the Ginger Organic duvet cover is a great choice.

If your bedroom could use some color, the Ginger duvet cover is a chic, environmentally-friendly choice.

If you could attend any decorating class of your choice this weekend, what would it be? In other words, what decorating topic do you most want or need to learn about? And finally, if you could choose any HGTV designer to teach the class, who would it be and why?


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