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I’ve noticed a pattern with me. Every February I start looking at lamps. And by looking I mean getting obsessive. I comb through catalogs and click through websites. I usually start at HGTV’s marketplace and mysteriously find myself strolling the aisles of lighting sections of major stores.

I think it may be because the winter days are shorter and by February I crave more light. I’m a fan of quirky lamps, something with personality. I love the whimsy of the offerings at Anthropologie and think the fun, hip and affordable options at Urban Outfitters are great. That’s where I got this lamp that sits on my desk at work.

Meanwhile at home, this lamp that I picked up spontaneously one day makes me smile.

Proper light placements makes a huge difference and there are excellent tips here. It’s not just where you place it but what it looks like when it’s lit up. Do you have a favorite lamp that brightens your day?

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  1. Lainy Mc says:

    Funny you should mention looking at lamps in February. I've been doing that very thing and wishing I had room for more lamps! We're moving from cold country to a tropical climate so I couldn't help but look for lamps that will compliment the mosquito netting I'll put at the four corners of the bed, and the sound of the native parrots in the morning.. Rain forest is my theme!

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