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We have some amazingly talented fans of HGTV out there, who are constantly showing their incredible design skills on Rate My Space.

We decided to pull together 10 of our favorite bedrooms to ever grace the Rate My Space pages, and of course, had to share! Not only to these talented individual show off their spaces, but most even tell you the secrets for achieving the same room.

This bedroom from lisayoung is one of my favorites. It’s a glamorous space with cozy fabrics and elegant furnishings. Best of all, it was done on a budget!

Don’t miss any of the other dreamy bedrooms, and visit Rate My Space to upload your own.

57 Responses

  1. Sandey, NC says:

    This room looks like a window display. Nice to look at but not for everyday living, sorry ..I'm a realist. I'm looking forward to the giveaway, too. It's on my birthday, hard to get your hopes up with "beweare the ides of March" ingrained in my life!!

  2. Cris says:

    Easy room to do, it's really quite plain. Use neutral colors. The chest of drawers and bed frame are black which adds drama and substance, keeping it from being too over the top and feminine. Different textures and scale for each object there creates interest.

    Wide neutral stripes on the wall indicate richness and help raise the ceiling, they are a good trick for basement rooms. The mirrored end tables are a nice touch, though may be impractical for many homes, you can use wood and do an antique silver gilt finish on them, kits are available at most craft stores.

    3 framed photos, pieces of art or mirrors above the bed lend interest, if the room is small, and especially if lighting is poor, use mirrors. They are cheap and can be found at any discount store or better yet, at yard sales. Vintage one of a kind beveled mirrors or frames are perfect for this type of room.

    If it's too pale for you, choose one strong color, such as a Tiffany blue pillow and silk curtains to create pop. Blue is safe as men and women both tend to like it. Use it only as an accent color or you may overdo it.

    What I would do differently is instead of the slipper bench at the end of the bed, I'd have put a low backed chaise lounge, it would help tie in the end tables, creates a nice spot to read and be a great focal point, especially if it were in the Empire or other antique mode. The bench is out of it's element there.

    I happen to like this style, 'restrained elegance' I'd call it. It's not for everyone, but most people will like it which is why you see it in very high end hotels.

  3. Paula says:

    This room is spectacular. However, like a lot respondents, I would love to see an HGTV show dedicated to home updating for senior citizens on fixed incomes. It's a growing sector, like it or not. And we do watch TV and make purchases, etc.

  4. Zoey says:

    I really like your room. Gives me a romantic peaceful feeling. Would also like to know the budget you worked with.

  5. Anonymous says:

    very nice bedroom characterized by symmetry and white colors with black colors that give the contrast

  6. patt says:

    if you want help, ask for some!!!

  7. Arden Zagel says:

    I mentioned in my Rebbeca Van Dyck submit, I headed over to the new Facebook campus to photograph CSO (Chief Security Officer) Joe

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