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If there’s one room in your house that you can pull off glamorous, sexy AND stylish, it’s in the bedroom. I was reminded of this last night while I was propped up in bed watching the 81st annual Academy Awards. Watching the Oscars is a ritual, but it’s usually in a party setting with a small group of friends. This year, nursing a cold, I was forced to take in the grandeur holed up in bed with a box of Kleenex and a jug of orange juice. (sigh) But then, when my husband arrived home and snuggled up beside me to watch the final awards, I took another assessment of the situation. In the low lamplight, on our comfy bed, against our soothing, mint green walls and the flicker of a single candle, I thought, “how glamorous, how sexy.” I’m glad we made the design of our master bedroom a priority. We are almost finished. Last night’s Oscars inspired me to finish the job.

For those of you who are putting off updating or renovating your bedroom for other home projects, I challenge you to get back to the bedroom! Need some inspiration? Check out these 12 Stylish, Sexy Bedrooms.

This Dream Home bedroom is truly dreamy.

This Dream Home bedroom is truly dreamy.

A final note about last night’s Oscars: they did not disappoint. I was wowed by the stage design at the Kodak Theatre. Inspired by 1940s supper club, the musicians were up on stage in an elaborate bandstand instead of down in the pit. The entire stage sparkled behind a curtain of 100,000 Swarovski crystals – gorgeous!

The stage at the 81st annual Academy Awards was designed by David Rockwell, the architect who designed Kodak Theatre.
The stage at the 81st annual Academy Awards was designed by David Rockwell, the architect who designed Kodak Theatre.

Now, if only I can figure out how to incorporate the look of Swarvoski crystals into my master bedroom. Any ideas? Do you have a sexy bedroom? Please share.


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  1. Jo says:

    I have to disagree with you. I don't think this year's Oscars were inspiring at all. (yawn) I dig that bedroom in the Dream Home however. That is sexy!

  2. Shelly says:

    I have to disagree with you, Jo. I think this year's Academy Awards were the best they've been in years. Very thoughtfull and fun. And Hugh Jackman! Come on now. I loved the stage. I loved the music. I love the past winners honoring the nominees. It was classic and polished. And I love the idea of designing a bedroom to be Hollywood glam – old school style! :)

  3. Kay Adams says:

    How right you are Leslie Judson! I am in the process of re-designing my master bedroom. I am a little stuck but your article gave me some ideas as well as the motivation to finish my project. Thanks.

  4. Kiniption says:

    I also love this year's dream home master bedroom. I would love to have a bedroom that looks like that. I might just spend all day in there. Although, I think a room has to already have certain qualities to pull off that kind of look, such as, a good amount of space. My bedroom is probably far too tiny to do anything like that. If anyone has good ideas for an incredibly small bedroom though, I will gladly take them!

  5. Leslie Judson says:

    Hi Kiniption, Just b/c a bedroom is small doesn't mean it can't be dreamy,glamorous and sexy! :)

    If I had to take one cue (okay, three cues) from the Dream Home bedroom, I would say draping and color. Any size bedroom can accommodate a canopy bed or be surrounded by drapery. There is sooooo much you can do with fabric – including how and where you hang it. And it doesn't have to be expensive fabric. Think sheers, perhaps. If you can't find the color you want, dye a pair or two or three. And then just play. Experiment around and on your bed. Use the walls. Staple gun it to the wall if you have to. Use velcro.Or maybe use nailheads. Ask a friend to help you hold the fabric around the room until you find an approach that makes you smile and that you can live with for an extended period of time. (although keep in mind that once you have the fabric, you can move it around on a whim)

    Finally, I would say: make sure your bedroom is equipped for what you love. Because sometimes you just want to be (or have to be) in bed. If you love watching television and movies, don't feel like you can't incorporate a TV/speakers/the whole nine yards in the room. Conceal it if you can – in a cabinet or even in a shelf in a closet – or just tuck it away in a corner, perhaps on a fabulous piece of furniture. My husband and I, for instance, have our little TV sitting on a DVD player, on top of an antique desk that I found beside a dumpster. I love that there are childrens' carvings in the wood and a seat that moves up and down. We keep it down and use it as a landing spot for pillows, blankets, etc. as they come off the bed.

    Don't forget about computer usage when you think about how you use your bedroom. A wireless connection (and, of course, a laptop) is key when you want to catch up on email or do work in bed. If you have to work at home, wouldn't you rather be doing it in bed? (I can say from experience: the answer to that is, yes! ;)

    Finally, carefully consider color. Colors in a room really affect mood and energy level. You wouldn't want to put a bright, sunny yellow in your bedroom unless you want to be energized and awake.

    I've just finished working on a new (brand new) package for HGTV.com. Go to the site and search for "Find Your Color" to find more info on colors and how they affect our mood and the mood of a space. Also, take a color quiz to determine the color of your personality and catch some new videos from Danielle Hirsch (of Color Splash)as she explains the right and wrong ways to incorporate color in your home.

    Hope that helps – if you haven't already designed the perfect master for you. (Sorry about the delay: it has been an exciting, albeit busy time at HGTV.com)

    Happy decorating! LeslieTJ

  6. Idea says:

    Black lights. They give that purple tint. Black lights behind frosted glass… Beautiful.

  7. stramagliav says:

    hey! I know that your bed is from ethan ellen! and i went today to look at material to order this bed! but What is the material and color of your headboard? is it polyestor or suede?

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